Yoga is a great activity to improve both your physical and mental health. In the past, yoga was a complete way of life and people that practiced it used to perform yoga poses along with meditation.

Yoga in today’s world

Nowadays, yoga has become popular because of the numerous health benefits it provides. Nowadays, around 15 million people all over the world still practice yoga regularly in order to improve their quality of life. There are a lot of various yoga poses which are too numerous to list here.

Amongst the myriad health benefits of yoga, here are a few major benefits of yoga:

  • It decreases your stress levels and gives a positive boost to your mood
  • It increases your self esteem and confidence
  • There is almost no chance of getting injured while doing yoga
  • It helps you to lose weight
  • It increases the flexibility level of your body
  • It improves your muscle strength and tone