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Weight Loss Diet Plan by Expert Dietitian

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Losing weight isn’t how many people think it is. It’s not about sweating a few times then going back to your normal diet plan. No, it takes more than sweating, doing few workouts and expect to lose weight. Now, you got to have a healthy diet plan and live by it; forget about eating whatever you want, focus on what’s best for you. It might seem challenging, and yes it is very challenging, but remember nothing good comes easy. Making changes might be a little difficult especially when it comes to food, but with time, you will realise that you don’t need to make complete changes to lose weight, just few necessary adjustments.

After few workouts at the gym, eating whatever you want can render the gyms services useless, reason why our gyms focus on you working out and having a healthy meal plan simultaneously.

Here is a sample diet plan planned for weight loss:

  • Breakfast

Breakfast shouldn’t be skipped or lightened, it is the most important meal of the day and expected to be the heaviest to keep you for the day, and allow you start off the day brightly. You can start your day by cornflakes and milk, or even sandwich and omelette. Protein rich breakfast can keep you feeling full longer.

  • Lunch

This is usually the second meal of the day, it should be lesser than the consumed breakfast, especially if you had a snack between breakfast and lunch. Just consume something that can keep you for the afternoon. Protein or carbohydrate foods are best for lunch. Avoid pickles or eating in front of screens. Rice, salad and vegetables are great for lunch.

  • Dinner

This is usually the last meal of the day and usually the smallest and lightest. Just opt for a dinner that can keep you for the night. Remember you do not need to over eat especially at night, it is very unhealthy.

  • Snacks

This is usually between meals; you can always avoid snacking by consuming an amount of food that can keep you for the next meal. Want to snack? Try dried or season fruits of your taste. The fiber content of veggies or fruits will keep you feeling full longer.

NOTE: Eating heavy carbs during meals can prevent snacking. Always hydrate before meals. Twice in a week, at least have a slice of cake, pizza or ice cream, indulgence is important.

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