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Hire a Boxing Trainer for Women in Balham

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If you are one of the residents of Balham and have been dreaming of ways to keep fit, why not try boxing? Perhaps you’ve spent endless hours on the internet searching for advice on fun ways to keep fit. It’s simple, for both the initiated and uninitiated, boxing is one of the best ways to keep fit and stay healthy.

What will you gain from boxing lessons?

Our service is amazing and here is what you can expect from our experienced boxing instructors:

#1. Improved health:

Boxing training is high intensity and the heavy breathing and increased rate at which your heart pumps blood around your body can increase lung capacity and strengthen your heart’s muscles lowering your chances of conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. By hiring a boxing trainer you will have one of the best ways to avoid heart diseases through exercise. An experienced trainer will get you in the best shape of your life in the fastest possible time.

#2. Improves your body strength:

Alongside the health benefits of boxing, boxing training can help you increase your body strength too. Boxing training includes a lot of exercises that involve strength exertion e.g. punching, kicking and jumping which will help tremendously in increasing body strength.

#3. Stress reduction: 

Nothing relieves stress more that taking it out on something. Indeed it is known that exercise will reduce stress levels of people, but sometimes what is really needed is to let loose on those weight bags. You can wear your boxing gloves and punch the stress out of yourself. It will feel great when you’re done and can feel that stress out of your system!

 #4. Body toning:

Boxing is also a great way to get your body toned. Boxing training exercises help you work your whole body and burn calories fast, helping you to develop lean muscles.

What is the cost?

Boxing trainer fees in London can be between £50 to £150 per hour. Our trainers give you great value for money and you are assured of getting your money’s worth. Our services include weight loss training, boxing training, swimming lessons as well as general fitness coaches.

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