Tottenham is well-known in England and around the world because of the very popular football club Tottenham Hotspur which is one of the biggest teams in the world and plays in the richest domestic league, which is the English Premier League. This district has a population of about 130,000 and is part of the Haringey Brough in north London, just five miles northeast of its traditional center Charing Cross.

Here in Tottenham, we are offering free personal training sessions to everyone, regardless of age, body weight, gender, or abilities. The following are the benefits you will get:

1. It is free

Trust us, there are no strings attached, so you can get to work with one of our personal trainers, and get the same or even better results as you would if you were paying for it. With this, you’d be able to save thousands of pounds while improving your health and fitness.

2. Accountability

It is very difficult for one to be consistent and achieve goals if there’s no one to answer to. Have you ever wonder what makes you work so hard at work? Well, it’s because you have a boss you’re answerable to. Research has proven that having this same kind of accountability can tremendously increase the effectiveness of your weight loss program, as it will make you consistent in your workouts and motivate you to stick to the program even when you are alone, by eating the right food and making sure you sleep well.

3. Instruction

A well-trained instructor like ours will make sure to explain and demonstrate the method and essence of doing any workout they advise. So, that you may know how to do them properly, which will reduce the chances of getting injured and boost up your passion. The first thing our trainers do is to explain the science behind every workout you do before any demonstration. Asides this, you can ask them any question you want and rest assured that your questions will be answered immediately, something that is quite impossible when you depend on a fitness site.

How can we help

There are limited spots available, so fill out the form below if you are interested in our free personal sessions and contact us on WhatsApp with the following number and we will soon get back to you.

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