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Free Fitness Boot Camp in Fulwell

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A fitness boot camp is a type of group physical training exercise class that involves body weight exercises, stamina, fitness and body strength exercises. A fitness boot camp comprises of gym personnel’s, personal trainers or in some cases former military personnel’s. These boot camp training programs are designed to help individuals who are interested in losing weight, staying healthy and staying fit in achieving their goals. These programs are designed in such a way that pushes participants to work harder beyond their limits.

Therefore, a free fitness boot camp has been set up in Fulwell to help individuals who are interested in body building, strength improvement, health safety and fitness orientation. No amount is required to join or enroll in this fitness boot camp, yes, it is free and you need not bother about finances to join. It is run by experienced, knowledgeable and qualified instructors who will serve as a guide throughout your training program free of charge.

As stated earlier, our services in this boot camp are free. Every necessary training, advice, counsel and health care will be rendered to you for free of charge without paying any amount for it. Also, during your training programs at the boot camp you will have the opportunity to meet like minded people and will be able to make new friends. The advantage is this, if you are supposed to do these work outs on your own or by yourself you might find it boring and hard to do it because you are alone, however if you join this free fitness boot camp you will be encouraged to work hard and push beyond your limits.

Boot Camp Exercises

#1. Dumbbell strength exercise: squat to press

#2. Bodyweight cardio drill: high knees

#3. Cone cardio drill: side shuffle touchdown

#4. Dumbbell strength exercise: squat to press

#5. Jump rope: boxer’s jump

#6. Medicine ball strength exercise: squat chops

#7. Bodyweight cardio drill: mountain climbers

#8. Medicine Ball strength exercise: push up pass

#9. Dead lift row

#10.. Bodyweight cardio drill: burpees

All these workouts done together will work effectively for the benefit of the client in the process of losing weight. All these exercises have different functions and determine different results that will help clients lose weight effectively and at a faster rate. The fitness boot camp is free and there are limited spaces rush now and register with us at Fulwell.

You can contact us by calling us or sending us an email.

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