There are numerous factors that determine the cost of a personal trainer. This can vary from location, your qualifications and a whole other factors. Below are a few of those factors that determine the cost of personal trainers in and around Bow.

#1. Environment:

Many personal trainers charge their clients based on the training environment. The more exclusive and expensive the fitness establishment, the higher the cost of personal training will be. Choosing the right one which suits your needs may have a huge advantage on your finances.

#2. Qualifications:

Almost any personal trainer can help you with your workouts. But some personal trainers have also taken personal trainer courses which include specialist modules like obesity and diabetes, lower back pain management and others. If you need training that’s more specialist than the stuff taught to personal trainers when they do the minimum required qualification, you might have to pay a little more.

Demand for Trainer:

The more in demand a trainer is, that is to say, the more clients they already have and the more new enquiries they’re getting, the more they’ll feel like they can charge people. There are personal trainers who train celebrities and other wealthy people and charge over a hundred pounds an hour for their time.


Personal training is generally more expensive in London than anywhere else in the country, and the cost of training in other major cities tends to be slightly higher than in small to medium sized towns and cities. In Harlesden, personal training sessions can cost up to 150 pounds an hour although the average is 150 pounds or 60 pounds. Outside London the average price is about 40 pounds to 50 pounds.

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