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Hire a Swimming Instructor for Kids in King’s Cross

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When it comes to spending a quality family time, king’s Cross has got something for everybody like the Pancras Square Leisure Centre, Ozone health and fitness club and Cally pool and gym at Caledonian Road. These are spots where families can have fun by the poolside, but if your kids are not good at swimming the whole fun and experience might be cut short.
For a better family experience simply contact us to get your kids hooked up with one of our numerous experienced swimming instructors within King’s Cross for an amazing swimming experience.

Swimming is a fun way to spend your leisure time and a wonderful sport especially if you have the right swimming and safety skills. Swimming for kids provide great benefits and if properly learned could last a lifetime, save your child’s life or someone else’s life. Below are some of the benefits of swimming.

#1. Safety;

This is one of the most obvious benefits of swimming. Like mentioned earlier, learning to swim can save your child’s life or someone else’s. While drowning is not too common in King’s Cross, the few unfortunate incidents that occurred in the past years remind us that we must keep our children safe as long as we can. Of course, children grow up and leave their parents’ nest. Therefore, our duty as parents is to prepare them for any situation, and one way to do this is to teach them how to swim.

#2. Health;

Swimming is also a very effective form of exercise. It has an added advantage; it is a low-impact sport. Low impact sports are sports that have minimal effect on the body and cause less wear and tear. Swimming is good for the general body and especially good for overweight children.

#3. Sporting activities;

Children who learn to swim are often better at water-based sports than their inexperienced counterparts. There are many types of sports only swimmers can engage in like canoeing, kayaking, surfing, wake boarding, water polo and open water swimming.

If you are a King’s Cross parent and worried about where to find good swimming trainers for your kids, you can start by searching around popular pools near you, asking around or by simply contacting us. With us, however, your kids have the opportunity to learn from the best instructors within king’s Cross, our instructors don’t just teach your kids how to swim but also coach them on basic swimming safety techniques. Our swimming services are flexible, stress-free, affordable and available for all ages.

For more information, please fill out the form below, call us through our telephone line or get in touch via WhatsApp. We also offer a free trial session so that you can meet some of our instructors and enable you to decide easily for your kid. Our services are amazing and reliable so why wait?

Hire a Swimming Instructor for Kids in Hampton

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Hampton might owe its glory to River Thames but also exposes the residents and tourists to various forms of water-related accidents like drowning. Accidental drowning has been rated one of the most common causes of death among children within the UK probably owing to the lack of proper knowledge of the skills and safety precautions in and around water bodies.

Swimming lessons are very vital particularly for kids as it is one of those hobbies that will one day save your kid’s life and the life of others. Aside from this, swimming also helps develop children’s IQ due to the training involved, serve as a form of exercise for the kid, provides an opportunity for the child to develop a career in swimming or compete in swimming competitions with other children.

If you are a Hampton parent who is worried about their children’s swimming skills and want to hire a swimming instructor to coach your kids? we are the agency you should trust as we don’t just teach your child to swim but ensure they are acquainted with all safety and precautions in and around pools.

We offer flexible, stress-free, affordable and convenient services for all our clients of different ages. We help our clients by connecting them not only with the best trainers or coaches but also the right instructor for the job. We ensure that your kids don’t only master the act of swimming but also its safety, organize a free trial session to enable you to decide and in case you don’t like the trainer, we can as well link you with another one of your choices.

Even your kids will like our services as we try to get the best instructors for your kids. Our instructors are highly recommended by our clients as they are qualified and certified professionals, they have years of experience coaching kids to swim, they are likeable by kids, they are passionate about their job and have sound knowledge of first aid and insurance.

For more information about the scheduling, cost and venue preference you can contact us through our phone lines or WhatsApp portal. We will be expecting your call.

Hire a Swimming Instructor for Kids in Battersea

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A swimming instructor is a specialist who specializes in teaching people how to swim as well as teaching basic safety skills involved in swimming. When it comes to coaching your kids to swim, a swimming instructor will do just fine. But the main problem is always tracking down the right instructor for your kids. We, on the other hand, will help you track them and link them with you, so all you need to do is contact us.

Swimming is a fun-filled activity not just for kids, in fact, everybody loves to swim but swimming unlike most past time activities require training to master its act. There are more and more cases of accidental drowning across London due in part to lack of proper swimming skills and basic first aid knowledge in and around water bodies.

Talking about water bodies Battersea has both natural and leisure water bodies namely the River Thames and The Mi0llennium Arena, Harris Academy and The Latchmere Leisure Centre. Battersea is well-known for its industrial, agricultural and housing districts as well as its superb rail transport system. It is an area in South West London located along the South Bank of River Thames, it is superbly stocked with places to eat and drink while the famous Battersea Art Centre provide venues for fun and entertainment.

Swimming skills and safety is essential particularly for kids to prevent the risk of drowning or save someone else’s life. In addition, teaching your child to swim will help develop your children’s IQ due to the training involved, serve as a form of exercise for the kids, provide an opportunity for the child to develop a career in swimming or compete in swimming competitions beside other kids.

Hiring a swim instructor around Battersea could be hectic as a parent who would want their kids to learn from the best and not just any trainer. Well as earlier stated we can help track them for you with ease. We have been around providing easy access to top-class, flexible, stress-free and affordable swimming services to both children and adults within Battersea.

Our classes are never crowded, we maintain a 1:5 ratio per coach giving your kids the opportunity to learn better. Our instructors have years of experience coaching kids and have insurance in case of an emergency. In addition, our instructors are humane, compassionate, love working with kids, they are lovable by kids, are qualified and certified swimming coaches.

To further ensure you are satisfied with our services we provide a free trial session to help you chose an instructor and on the event, you do not like the instructor a replacement is made available to you.

For more information on how you can easily hire a professional instructor for kids, feel free to contact us through any of our phone line, WhatsApp portal or website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hire a Swimming Instructor For Kids in Fulwell

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 Do you want your child to be involved in swimming or have you neglected the need of your child’s involvement in swimming exercises due to a reason or the other? Then time has come to look at the brighter side rather than focusing on the reasons why your child is not involved in the act.

Swimming is a very advantageous exercise for kids and is filled with benefits that will enhance your child’s life significantly and should be a life skill for every child in order to avert the threats posed by drowning as a second major cause of children’s deaths and also youths.

So for this reasons and also other related reasons, in Fulwell, we have swimming instructors specifically trained to administer swimming training to all your kids to ensure swimming becomes a life skill in Fulwell to avert the dangers imposed by swimming in Fulwell. The instructors are certified and licensed instructors to ensure your child is trained and trained well with regards to swimming. They are professional very knowledgeable on all aspects of swimming.

They will take your children through various trained sessions which are under the two main sessions which are the practical and theoretical sessions which includes the act of teaching them on the practical aspects of swimming and also the theoretical which may include the basics and fundamentals of swimming including the safety tips to ensure safety in and around water.

Benefits of swimming 

#1. Physical health: swimming helps to improve the physical health of children including the building of stamina, flexibility, balance and posture. It also helps in the prevention of obesity because due to the burning of calories involved in the activity, it leads to a reduction in the mass of the body which helps in preventing obesity.

#2. Safety: swimming instructors teach children all necessary safety measures to ensure safety in water and also safety around water; they also instill in children both practical and theoretical knowledge to save others around them when in dangerous situations.

#3. Keeps cool: swimming on a sunny day is an excellent means for children to keep cool and avoid the direct heat of the sun which may be make them feel irritated.

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Hire a swimming instructor for Kids in Woolwich

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The city of Woolwich is an important city in England due to the fact that it is the centre for Local government of Greenwich. It is located in London, specifically in Greenwich wherein it lies in the south bank of River Thames.

What is swimming?

Swimming is a sport or activity, which involves propelling oneself through water using the limbs. This happens as a result of one pushing his body through water by utilizing his limbs. This sport promotes good health, happiness, efficiency and high level of confidence.

What are the benefits of swimming for kids?

#1. Safety

The importance of swimming training for children cannot be overemphasized because it leads to a much secure environment for your kids. Imagine children at the age of six to ten being engaged in swimming classes. This equips them with the skills necessary to save their lives and of that of others. Also when in a state of emergency, it helps them to avoid drowning and deaths, thus lessening the mortality rate was within that area or society.

#2. Good health

Accordingly, swimming provides better health conditions as a result of the excellent workout that keeps the heart and lungs in great functional operation. This goes a long way to prevent the child from infant diseases enabling activeness and rigor. It puts less pressure on the joints and connective tissues than other forms of sports which makes it perfect for your kids.

#3. Excitement

Swimming is not only a roadblock to stressors but it provides happy emotions during performance. It frees the minds of kids from all kinds of worries they are faced with and make them much more relaxed and joyous. Because swimming provides fun and enjoyment to a kid, this goes a long way to make them happier kids.

#4. Social techniques

Swimming improves a child’s methodology of life; providing them with the tools to interact and communicate with people in the society. More so, it will make them act in a morally appreciated, respectful and humble manner towards people in the society. This goes a long way to make them happy.

#5. Self-esteem

Swimming promotes self-belief. It makes a child realize his hidden potentials. This molds the kid’s personality making his dreams become reality as a result of  confidence given to him/her by swimming.

Who is an ideal swimming instructor?

#1. Firstly, a swimming trainer must be certified by an authorized institution. This will provide the trust in parents and their kids towards the trainer because of the qualification he/she has obtained in swimming. Thus, he provides security and confidence for their daily exercises.

#2. Also, an ideal instructor has to be physically fit and needs to be in good shape. It would be risky to give your kids to an instructor who is not fit and cannot even do the simplest things to make your children great swimmers. So, it is vital to check for physical fitness before choosing someone to train your children.

#3. Additionally, an outstanding trainer must be good at communicating and listening to a parent/child’s concern. If an instructor listens to his/her clients with all ears, they provide a strong bond and it makes their task easier. Thus, there is high amount of effectiveness and efficiency in every workout.

#4. Lastly, the trainer must be able to provide good timing and schedule for the training in order for most swimming exercises to be done at a convenient time, place and environment. This means that every workout must be done in an environment which is convenient, conducive and free from harm. This makes the job productive, result-driven and enhances the kid to become a first-class swimmer.

Why is it important to have a swimming instructor for your child?

#1. They provide enough motivation and encouragement to the child which boosts his/her confidence. This makes the child to dream big and puts all the extra energy within them to transform all their aspirations into reality.

#2. A trainer provides a child with first-hand information on how to swim and teach them techniques on how to save their lives when they find themselves in critical situations. They give their utmost support and experience to make the kids good swimmers.

#3. Swimming instructors provide your kids with the ideal grounds to work consistently and rapidly. This nature of consistency of exercises is always available in the case that there is an instructor, because of the everyday nature provided by the instructor.

#4. There is high productivity whenever there is an instructor which compels the kids to work harder in order for their goals to be reached. An instructor pushes your kids to the limit which provides your children with a first-class skill on how to swim. This makes your kids to be the best in what they do.

#5. Notably, there is variety of exercises which makes the training enjoyable and fun. Various training makes the child to be good at diverse skills in swimming, which make them versatile whenever they are faced with any problems in the water.

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Hire a Swimming Instructor for Kids in Cottenham Park

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Cottenham Park is a small district of the London Borough. It is home to a recreation ground with the same name. Its facilities include a cricket ground and several tarmac tennis courts. If you live in Cottenham Park and want to hire a swimming instructor for kids, you’ve indeed come to the right spot and here’s what you need to know!

Who Is A Swimming Instructor?

An instructor is a person with profound knowledge in something who coaches and/or trains others. Before hiring any swimming instructor for kids, one should consider some critical factors which include; the level of knowledge the instructor has in order to be able to coach the kids. Because swimming is a very sensitive and difficult activity, one should take proper care before hiring anyone to coach their kids in swimming.

Benefits of swimming!

Swimming has a whole lot of benefits, especially for kids. Swimming is a relaxing activity and most of the time, kids engage in it during their leisure time. Sometimes during the weekend, even during the weekdays or after school. When kids swim, it helps to strengthen their bones because their muscles are always constantly moving and swinging in the water. As kids are sometimes stressed out after a whole day of pressure at school, swimming is one of the ways they can reduce stress.

Swimming also prepares kids to be better athletes in future. Because they are always engaged in the activity, it helps them to be healthy and ready to take part in sporting activities. By increasing their ability to take in and effectively use oxygen, swimming increases kids’ endurance capacity to run for long distances without getting tired.

Research shows that kids who swim have better capability to stay without oxygen compared to runners. Swimming helps to heal sore joints and wounds, especially if you’re overweight or suffer from arthritis.

Swimming helps to burn calories and aids in digestion. It also supports the body, increases their energy levels, and protect them against heart diseases, stroke, and other types of diseases.

As well as being fun for kids, swimming is a great way to keep fit and well and make friends – they meet with their friends and playmates, learn from each other and improve on their skills.

Challenges Of Swimming

In as much as it has positive impacts, swimming also has its negative impacts on kids. Because it is a very technical sport and requires plenty of attention. Kids may find it very hard to swim beyond certain distances without getting tired. Swimming professionals say that the hand should be placed smoothly in to the water with the hand pitched palm out such that the thumb enters first. But the problem with this is that it rotates the shoulder putting stress on it. Doing this may cause shoulder impingement issues and other joint pains.

Kids who tend to hold on to their breath while swimming may cause more harm to themselves than good. Holding on to your breath increases anxiety and the feeling of carbon dioxide builds up in your body. Their bodies tend to be inconsistently moving in the water so if the chest is lifted high the legs might sink. This increases the probability that they might sink or drown. Swimming also consumes a lot of time. Kids feel a little bit bored spending most of their time doing just one type of sporting activity, especially if they have to wake up very early in the morning.

Because swimming is a social sporting activity and requires a lot of commitment, kids sometimes find themselves in dilemma when they have to choose between committing themselves in swimming and going to have fun with their playmates. After swimming, kids may feel very tired and lazy to even engage themselves in other activities.

Solution to these challenges?

Often, one of the simplest ways to fix shoulder problems is to simply correct your hand entry technique. The best way to enter in the water for swimming at the front of your stroke is one with a neutral relaxed shoulder – a flat hand with the palm facing down and slightly back, entering finger tips first. An added advantage of a flat hand entry technique is that it sets you up for a better catch phase.

Kids should be constantly exhaling whenever their faces are inside the water. This constant exhalation technique causes them to relax and when they take a breath, they are fully exhaled and ready to breathe in. This makes breathing much easier.

More Facts About Cottenham Instructors For Kids!

Hiring instructors for kids can be very costly at times depending on the instructor and location. But you can join us here at Cottenham Park because we will always be at your service. We will also ensure your kids’ safety despite the fact that drowning rate is very high.

Serving you to your comfort is always our pleasure and so, we promise to work with you at your own convenience. If you are still contemplating on where to book swimming classes for your kids, worry no more.

Our team is always ready and willing to serve you better. The way we operate is dependent on your kids’ convenience and comfort. We can assure you that our services are amazing. We help you to hire swimming instructors for your kids who teach them in a way that they do not even expect.

Hurry now and hire swimming instructors for your kids at Cottenham Park.

Hire a Swimming Instructor for Kids in Barnsbury

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Barnsbury is an area of north London in the London Borough of Islington, in the N1 postal district. The area used to be rural prior to the 19th century.

Definition of Swimming

It is the act of moving all the limbs simultaneously in a body of water in order to navigate and prevent drowning. It can also be a mode of transportation for very short distances.

Why people like swimming 

In hot weather, people immerse themselves in bodies of cool water to combat the heat and stay cool; some people swim as a way to stay fit; others swim in order to catch fish; and there is a small percentage of people who swim because is their career—take Michael Phelps as a great example.

Different types of swimming and movement in water?

If you are an avid fan of the Olympics swimming segments, you may have noticed the different body movements in the water called strokes. Here are the basic, elementary strokes, their names and how to perform them:

 #1. Butterfly

Performed face down in the water. The legs perform a dolphin kick while the arms move in a forward circle at the same time.

 #2. Breaststroke

This is performed by being face down in water without rotating the upper body (torso). The arms stay in the water and move synchronously, while the legs perform a whipkick. It is possible to keep the head elevated out of the water throughout the stroke, although the head usually dips in and out.

 #3. Backstroke

Done while lying on the back. One arm reaches behind the head with a finger tip entry while the other arm is by the side.

Why is swimming good for the body?

Where do I start?! From building up your muscles—including your heart muscles—which in turn builds stronger bones, endurance, etc. It does a world of good for the human body.

What can children learn from getting into the water early?

We hear so many stories about people drowning and those around being unable to save them because they too couldn’t swim. If your child knows how to swim, not only will he/she be more careful and responsible in water but might also, save a life one day.

Another thing that children can learn is being fit and healthy. We are the laziest generation of all times and with easy access to technologies that makes daily life easier, we have become inactive while still eating a lot.

Can children be shaped differently from being in the water at a young age?

Yes. Especially if he/she works in a team or group and is taught responsibility at a young age.

Swimming gear needed for your young one(s)

Floatation suit, devices and gear; swim shoes; swim diapers; rash guard; ear plugs; nose pin; snorkels; hat; googles; swim caps; swim fins.

Sobell Leisure Centre, Highbury

This leisure centre is located a little over a mile away from home. Suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 12. It is both an indoor and outdoor centre.

Your kid is guaranteed to have fun!

Hit us on Whatsapp and fill the form below!

Hire Swimming Instructor for kids in West Wickham

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Swimming is an exercise that is an intense form of aerobic or cardio activity but it won’t give you big muscles which makes it ideal for children. This is a sport that is really preferable for kids to keep them fit and healthy and also prepare them for the world of aquatics.

So are you a parent in West Wickham? Why not hire a trainer for your child, someone who can take your child through the safety procedures to be a well trained swimmer.  West Wickham is a suburban area in the London Borough of Bromley. East of Croydon, South West of Bromley and 10.3 miles south east of Charing Cross. So if you are a parent in these areas get your child an instructor who would widen his/her knowledge as far as swimming is concerned.

Why your child needs a swimming instructor

Your child needs a swimming instructor to enable him/her be trained from a certified individual who knows all the “do’s” and “don’ts” as far as swimming is concerned. A person who knows all safety measures to avoid any inconvenience in water and also teaches important skills to prevent drowning.

We are living in a world which is unpredictable as anything can happen every now and then, it is important to make sure your child knows how to swim or avoid discomfort because an accident is not something intended but peradventure,  prevention is better than cure.

Benefits of swimming ( for kids)

#1. Safety:

Kids Health has proven drowning to be the 2nd leading cause of death for people between 5-14 years. Having swimming instructors for your child will not only make them good swimmers but also help gain valuable experience in water thereby reduces the risk of emergencies .

#2. Keeps cool:

Swimming is a way to keep cool during a hot day, it also encourages healthy levels of physical and social activity.

#3. Physical health:

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout that promotes the health of the lungs and heart while improving strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and posture. It is also a way of preventing childhood obesity which can be associated with diabetes. It also puts less strain on joints and connective tissues compared to other forms of exercise.

#4. Emotional health and well being:

Encouraging a child to be involved in swimming can improve his mental health. Swimming can help combat depressions and improve an overall mood.

#5. Needed:

This is something the child can continue doing for the rest of his/her life so get your child an instructor who is competent in handling the exercise with regards to kids and our instructors have competence.

#6. Professionalism:

This exercise is important because it can train your child to become a professional swimmer and triumph in a lot of swimming activities and a child can most certainly get there by a professional instructor ready to assist the child get there.

Traits of a good swimming instructor for kids

#1. Professionalism:

This is the key trait for employing any trainer/instructor; the person must have high levels of professionalism in order to do his/her work efficiently. So when considering getting your child an instructor, get your child a professional instructor who is acquainted with the water. A trait we believe our trainers posses.

#2. Patience:

Kids are delicate beings and in order to help them the trainer needs to have a lot of patience because the person might meet a kid with a lot of psychological issues and patience will be needed to relate with them in a way that they will be comfortable around the trainer. With this regards, our instructors have been tried and proven to know the need of exercising patience with children.

#3. Experience:

Experience is vital in every endeavor and as it’s said, experience is the best teacher. We make sure every of our instructors has gone through and experienced mentoring a kid and turned out successful before we refer them to your kids because we believe in the need for success stories.

#4. Understanding:

A swimming instructor should be really lenient and understanding because kids have diverse needs and to get them feel happier around you and do as you say, you need to understand them.

#5. Certification:

Don’t be deceived; a lot of pretentious people will pretend to be professional swimming instructors but don’t settle for just any certification from maybe the Internet but rather settle for a person truly certified to be a swimming instructor through a reliable source.


Our instructor will take your child through both indoors and out door programs to ensure the efficiency of the training as we wish that your child will learn swimming with regards to all procedures that entail efficiency in swimming.

Free session with our trainer

To avoid any inconvenience, we will allow you to have a try out session, whereby your child will be left to have a free session with our instructor off charges! Just for you to confirm the things written in this article because we believe your feedback after the first session is really important to us because we believe in the credibility of our instructors and want your attestation to this fact before a complete deal is made.

Contact us now at West Wickham

Whether you are a parent at West Wickham, Addington, Haves, Shirley, Elmers End, Kenston, Selsdon, Forestdale, New Addington, Chelsham, Beckenham, or in the neighbourhood try to get your children swimming instructors to emancipate the world from drowning and its horrible claws. Give us a call today as we make the lives of your kids our priority and also try to bring to an end the loss due to lack of swimming skills preparing them for the future.  If you also want your child to join our swimming classes just give us a call.  Our services are based on professionalism and ethics so give us a call, send us a message via email,  Whatsapp or any other means of communication and we will be glad to help. If you have any questions just call us and we will be more than ready to answer.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Hire a Swimming Instructor for Kids in Tufnell Park

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Swimming is as important for kids as it is for adults. Tufnell Park is home to a lot of competent swimming instructors that will ensure your kid learns to swim in the safest and fastest way possible.

Here are a few benefits that swimming offers your kid:

#1. It Improve fitness

Physical fitness is very important for kids, and there are major aspects of fitness which every individual should work on to achieve total body fitness. These aspects include muscular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. Swimming offers your kids improved flexibility, as it allows free body movement in any direction. Swimming also offers cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength as it involves the movement of a lot of muscles in the body.

#2. It is a safe sport

Unlike other sports which can cause injury to your kids, swimming is safer because of the low impact water offers the body.

Participating in water activities

When your kids learn to swim, they will be privileged to participate in activities like boat trips and canoeing which involve water. Learning to swim is a great start for your kids if they are interested in careers such as scuba diving, working in the marine, and competitive swimming.

As it is important for your kids to learn how to swim, it is also important that they learn it in the right way and from the right person. A swimming instructor is someone who has undergone the required training to enable them to teach others to swim. An instructor has the experience to know the best teaching technique that would suit your kid. A swimming instructor also knows the important aspects of swimming that your kids need to know, and they know the best way to make them understand. A swimming instructor also knows what to say and do to keep your kids motivated whilst learning.

How to know a good swimming instructor

It could be a bit tough to know the right swimming instructor to hire for your kids as you would want your kid to get the best. Before hiring, you should ask for certificates. This way, you can tell that the trainer has the required knowledge to teach your kids. You would also want to know how friendly they are as kids feel a lot more comfortable around someone who is not uptight. Lastly, you should request for a trial session; this way you get to see how the training sessions with your kid would actually look like.

Fill out our online form or send us a message via WhatsApp. We hope to hear from you soon.

Hire Swimming Instructors for Kids in Whetstone

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Hire Swimming Instructors for Kids in Whetstone

Are you a parent living in suburban Whetstone in the London Borough of Barnet or do you have adorable nieces and nephews close to your heart here within our city or in the greater Totteridge & Whetstone? Have you ever considered enrolling them into a life saving skill program where they’d learn while having fun at the same time? If so, you should consider our unique swimming program for kids.

Our swimming program is meant to:

#1. Protect kids from drowning by offering them swimming lessons that will enhance their skills in water.

#2. Offer parents information on how to prevent drowning.

Swimming for fitness

Swimming promotes a healthier lifestyle. Swimming includes repetitive body movements propelling the body forward. These repetitive body movements called swimming strokes consist of coordinated movements of the head, torso and limbs. These repetitive movements provide kids with a rigorous training exercise. Kids enrolled in swimming lessons learn a skill that can save lives life as well as staying fit.

Give your loved ones the gift that saves lives

The United Kingdom is an Island nation so water plays an important part in our lives. Unfortunately our canals, lakes, rivers and the sea have become killer machines. Figures published by the National Water Safety Forum (NWSF) for the year 2015 shows 321 people died accidentally in water. A greater number of those that perished did not intend to be in the water to begin with. They fell and died in water while they were walking, jogging or taking care of their normal businesses.

The data shows that 1 out of 10 of the deaths were children and youths. The age bracket 15-19 registered 23 deaths. For the year 2013, NWSF data recorded 16 drowning related deaths in London alone.

Training kids how to swim is an important step in mitigating this needless loss of lives. Equipping your kids with swimming skills is equipping them with survival skills. This is the only way to tackle the tragedy and protect our future generations. If children are trained, they are being taught to enjoy the water while keeping safe.

Advantages of swimming over bike riding

#1. Swimming is a life saving skill, bike riding is a recreational sport.

#2. Swimming offers water safety consciousness that prevents drowning, bike riding is just a past time.

What swimming entails

Swimming is a rigorous sport. It’s been said earlier that swimming entails moving the body in a rhythmic and coordinated manner. Our program is drawn not only to save lives but also to prepare kids for competitive swimming in the future. Our swimming program brings out the Michael Phelps in your kids. We get them started on the journey to top Phelps’ record being the “most decorated Olympian of all time.”

We train your kids all the four major swim strokes, namely:

#1. Butterfly stroke

Performed while the face is down in the water. The legs pedal while the circular hand movements in the water moves you forward.


Performed while the face is down in the water. With breaststroke, swimmers do not rotate their body

#3. Backstroke

This is performed while lying on the back.


This is the least restrictive of all the other strokes. The front crawl/forward crawl, the fastest of the other strokes, is the most used during freestyle competition.

Our mark of distinction

With our unique swimming program kids are taught how to rescue themselves if they accidentally fall in water. We do this by showing them how to get to the water surface and how to get to safety outside of the water. This is achieved by:

#1. Fast paced workout routines to get your kids in shape

#2. Lower back exercises to relieve stress build-up that kids get from sitting down too much

#3. Water aerobics for endurance and capability to resist water.

We are best in the following unique ways:

#1. Best swim instructors

Our trainers are certified swim instructors with lots of experience and patience working with kids. Our swim instructors are tested lifeguards. We train your kids and loved ones on becoming good swimmers by improving on their strokes while at the same time teaching them safety. We also give them mouth to mouth resuscitation training in case they have to help someone else. We go beyond the skills and techniques of swimming. We inculcate high self esteem in kids and we nurture a positive experience that will stay with your kids forever.

#2. Convenient schedules

Either you want your kids to practice alone or as part of a group, our schedule revolves around your kids’ schedule. We won’t pin your kids down to a schedule that is not suitable. Say your time, we stick by that.

#3. Swim in your own backyard

Our beautiful city of Whetstone boasts of numerous indoor and outdoor swim facilities providing year round swimming opportunities and located in close proximity to major buildings and the train line. Southbury Leisure Centre, Vale Farm Sports Center, David Lloyd Finchley and Southgate Leisure Centre are just few of the many indoor/outdoor swim locations in the Whetstone and Totteridge area that you can choose for your kids swimming program.

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Making a choice of where to send your kids for swimming lessons should be based on results. Bring along your kids and see how natural we are with them. If you or your kids don’t like our program, (which I am sure won’t happen) you absolutely pay nothing. So sign up your kids and let them literally test the waters.

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Whichever training you might want, we will connect you to them. Either you opt for an individual package or wish to be part of a class with others, we make sure you attain your goals while having fun doing so.

Regardless of the training program you fancy for yourself or for your loved ones, we will connect you to them. You might wish to be part of a group or want your lessons privately, either way, we’ve get you covered!

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