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Book Swimming Classes for Children in Ladywell

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The people of Ladywell are full of life. They are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms. Fitness is one of the most important things in our lives and the people of Ladywell take advantage of that. They have numerous gyms and parks where people go to and they use sports as one of their favorite pass time. If you love sports too, then Ladywell is definitely for you.

Swimming is one of the most beneficial sports especially for children as it is an all body workout and you have fun while doing it. You need to give your child a chance to learn how to swim. The most important reason is that swimming is the only sport which can save your child’s life. Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill.

Swimming is a good all-round activity because it keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body. It builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It also helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, and lungs. Children can take swimming classes as early as age 1. Until 2010, when the AAP had specified this number as age 4, but when research showed a reduced risk of drowning in preschoolers who had taken swimming lesson, the organization amended its advice.

These swimmers’ muscles also help boost metabolism to keep calories burning longer. It does not only boosts cardiovascular capacity while increasing muscle strength, but it also gives your the body a break from higher impact activities like basketball, running and weightlifting.

These are only a few reasons why you should consider booking swimming classes for your child as not only would it benefit them, it would benefit you too.

Why us?

We have professional swimmers who have been trained to work with your child and at a very low cost too. We have flexible schedules that won’t interfere with your plans and no matter where in Ladywell you live, we are near you so transport won’t be your problem. We even give out free trial classes so make sure you bring your child to try it out.

All you need to do is fill in the form below or directly contact us on WhatsApp so we can connect you with our team. Remember, you have nothing to lose! We look forward to working with you.

Book Swimming Classes for Kids in Barking

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Building your child’s confidence is one of the many benefits provided at swimming classes. Many parents are caught between private or group swimming classes. Although it all boils down to which one will make your child learn faster taking into consideration their developmental level, swimming classes have great benefits.

There are several swimming classes in which you can register your child. Some of the swimming classes in and around Barking include My-swim-School, I Love to Swim, Angela’s Swim School, and ABC Swimming School.

Benefits of swimming classes for kids

In the past, many parents enrolled their kids for swimming lessons because of the safety skills they are taught since drowning is a major cause of death for kids. But swimming classes have more benefits than you can ever imagine:

#1. Swimming classes improve the learning performance of kids

#2. Children get to develop their social interaction skills as they get to spend time with other children while learning to swim

#3. Swimming classes engage a child better as they can also learn from other kids

#4. Kids are also encouraged by their peers during swimming classes

#5. Swimming classes give your child time to rest at intervals as instructors take turns to help other kids

How to choose the right swimming classes

Swimming classes are an effective way for your kids to learn to swim. Here are some tips to choose the right class for your child:

#1. Know the developmental stage of your child so you can know which group you should register your child.

#2. Know the other kids that will be in the class.

#3. Find out the number of trainers in the class.

Why choose our swimming classes?

Our swimming classes are organized in a friendly environment where your child can make new friends which helps to develop their socializing skills. Children in our swimming classes are motivated to work harder as they receive healthy encouragement from both trainers and their peers. Our swimming classes provide a wonderful experience that will be beneficial to your child for life.

About our swimming classes

Our swimming classes have the right number of instructors to children which makes it possible for your child to have the right support and attention.

If you believe a swimming class is the right choice for your kid, then joining our swimming class is very easy, you can either visit us at our office to register your child or contact us online. There are enough spaces available for your kids.

Book Swimming Classes for Children in Wembley Park

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An important gift for your children this season is enabling them to swim. We understand that your schedule may be too busy or perhaps you are not a good swimmer yourself-but you can enroll your children in one of the most memorable swim classes here in Wembley Park. This season and year round, we are conducting swimming lessons for children of different ages here within the London Borough of Brent.  Bring your children to join their peers in what will definitely be one of their most memorable seasons of all times.

Who Can Enroll In Our Swimming Classes?



Children from 1-10 years

Young boys 11-15

Reasons For Enrolling your Children In Swimming Classes

#1. Safety

Learning how to swim at an early age is very important. Here in the UK we live around water. Either in the bathtub or in the swimming pool, the lakes and rivers, we are surrounded with water everywhere. It is an important safety logic to ensure that your children can comfortably swim. Your child doesn’t have to want to take up competitive swimming for you to enroll them in the sport. They don’t have to envy Michel Phelps for you to put them on a swim class. Learning to swim is a basic safety precaution that kids should learn at a tender age. Taking the Phelps way later in life would be just extra bonus.

#2. Personal wellness

Your children’s wellness is enhanced through swimming. Everybody needs exercise and kids are no exception. However it is unimaginable to enroll your kids in high impact sport activities with all the dangers associated with such sports. Swimming is an ideal low impact sport that will be good for the well-being of your children.

#3. Fostering Team Spirit

Enrolling your children in swimming classes is a very good way to foster the spirit of team work. At the core of every swimming class is learning how to support each other. The team spirit that swimming imparts on children at a young age will live with them and will be useful in their later lives. Learning how to swim makes children sociable. This is very important for their growth and development.

#4. Swim for Life

Unlike other sports that you can only do during your hey days, once you can swim, you swim for life. Swimming has been found to decrease the likelihood of disability later in life and it is said to improve the quality of life in older folks.  So training your children how to swim at a younger age will benefit them even several decades to come. Even when you are no longer around, they will thank you for the gift that not only save life, but also enhance their lives in old age as well.

Contact Us

To get your children in a fun swimming class, fill our form below, WhatsApp us or call us. we cant wait to meet you guys.

Book a Swimming Classes for Children in Whitechapel

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Swimming is a whole body exercise carried out by people for amusement, sport and entertainment. In a broader sense, it has a secret that most parents are not aware of; that it is also a great way to stay fit! You might want your child to be one of the best swimmers and to have that healthiest bodies but you don’t know where to start. Well the best way is to book a swimming class for your kid!

With the increasing demand of swimming classes in Whitechapel, we have made it easier for you and your kids to book swimming classes from any of the good swimming station in Whitechapel. These includes and not limited to St George’s pool, Virgin Active Classic, Joseph Bader Swim school, just to name a few.

Benefits Of Booking A Swimming Instructor for Your kids

Well there are so many advantages your kids will be exposed to when you book swimming classes for them. They are as follows:
#1. Regular swimming offers a healthy body because it trains the cardiovascular system which includes the heart and blood vessels. This gives the body the necessary fitness which breeds good health and prevents illnesses and malfunctions.

#2. Booking swimming classes for your kids gives them different experiences as they mingle with different kind of people. This helps him or her to know the realities of the world and to build that self-confidence that will help him or her in the long run.

#3. It also helps your kids to be passionate with whatever they do in life. After all the instructors serve as mentors to your kid, encourages them, motivates them and touches their heart with their passionate capabilities.

#4. Reduces boredom: Imagine your child always been indoors, doing nothing except going to school and reading books. He/she becomes bored with life and swimming is vital mechanism to stimulate and conquer that boredom.
If you believe that you can teach your child swimming all by yourself without the instructor and help of a professional guide, you are mistaken and therefore putting your child’s health and life in a greater risk. It is not just about jumping in water, stroking, going forth and back, up and down or better still to have fun but the main strategies you need to protect yourself from injuries and drowning is important. That is the main reasons why you should book a swimming class for you kid.

#5. The classes are well organized and the instructor designed a perfect workout for your kids

#6. Serve as a source of inspiration.

#7. Teach you the mechanism to protect yourself in case of any upcoming.
#8. And help you to accomplish your fitness program using the skill and expertise and experience.

So, if you live in Whitechapel or you are on a vacation and you want your child to join our classes, do not hesitate to contact us. Distance is no longer a problem as we have various swimming stations as mentioned above. There are beautiful places around that will motivate your child such as Whitechapel Bell Foundry, Lollypop Gallery, and Cable Street Mural etc. These are places your kid will be happy to visit. Don’t deny them the opportunity.
Contact us via WhatsApp fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

Book Swimming Classes for Children in Barnet

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Swimming is a very important life-long activity that all children should be part of and for parents living in Barnet, there are so many swimming benefits out there for your kids. Not only is swimming good for their health, it could also possibly save their lives one day.

Whilst teaching your child at home can be a starting point for kids, there are things that kids only get to learn when they attend a swimming lesson where they are taught different swimming skills.

In Barnet, children can have access to a number of swimming classes provided at different locations including Finchley Lido Leisure Center, Serena Pools Ltd, Tiny Swimmers and The Venue Leisure Center.

Benefits of enrolling your child in swimming classes

There are a number of benefits kids derive from swimming lessons:

#1. Swimming classes give your child the opportunity to mingle with other kids

#2. Mastering the swimming skill is one great way to make a child feel confident and swimming classes are the best places for kids to master swimming techniques

#3. Swimming teaches children how to have healthy competition with their companion

#4. In a swimming class, children get to learn the importance of teamwork

How to choose the right swimming class

Teaching your child to swim is one of the many life lessons every parent needs to do but using any person to teach your child may not be a good idea. Choosing the right swimming lesson or class is very important for the safety of your child. Take a look at the following factors you need to consider when choosing a swimming class.

#1. Take time to visit the swimming class you want to enroll your child in

#2. Observe the way children are responding to the trainers and the lessons

#3. Check to see if the trainers are qualified to teach your child

#4. Also, find out about the safety measures put in place to safeguard the children in the class

About of swimming classes

Our swimming classes are held in a small group of children which gives each child the chance to have enough attention from instructors. Our classes are also held at safe locations, so be rest assured that your child is in safe hands.

To enroll your child in our swimming classes, drop in our office or contact us on our number or visit our social media pages.

Book Swimming Classes for Children in Westminster

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There can be a whole lot of fun activities and interesting places to go to with the kids in Westminster. The city is home to some of the finest and historically well-known buildings located in England. Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and other government offices are also found there. If you’re a single parent looking for a place to enroll your little one or a family trying to get your children active in swimming lessons but don’t know where to send them to, we can help you with that.

Looking For Swimming Centers In Westminster

There are various places and fitness centers you can have your children sign up at for swimming classes in and around Westminster. The swimming lessons can be booked to fit a preferable schedule that is suitable for the child which can be an extracurricular activity after school.

Places To Book Swimming Lessons

There is a wide range of places you’d want to book your kids’ swimming lessons. The swimming center at Westminster school offers classes for toddlers, pre-beginners and even for adults. Quality swimming provides life skills for children 6 months old and above, lessons can also be private for the children to develop swimming skills and receive full attention. There is also the International Swimming Academy for people with physical or mental disabilities or people struggling with some type of conditions, and with years of experience the children are thought on how to float on their back, roll over and swim confidently on their own. There are other various swimming schools offering bespoke programs for your children, no matter their circumstances.

Importance Of Enrolling Your Children In Swimming Classes

Every now and then, you’ll want to have someplace to go drop off your child, a place they can get to do something fun, interact with their peers and also learn from it all. You won’t have to worry about whether your child is going to get hurt as you are rest assured he or she is in safe hands. Children can learn, develop, become better at swimming and have fun at the same time. From an early age, they can become great and experienced swimmers. Your child can also be able to become part of something else which will be of benefit to them after school hours, and this will give you ample time to sort out some pending tasks and lower the chances of having your child idling around doing nothing.

 How Does Swimming Help Children?

     #1. Strength and Coordination

Swimming helps the child develop his or her coordinating skills, in synchronizing their arms, legs and other parts of their bodies to cooperate with their breathing techniques and the movement of their bodies. Swimming assists in strength as well, together with coordination, whether in or out-of-water situations.

     #2. Health

The chances of your child being obese or overweight will decrease; being involved in a sporting activity reduces such risks, as swimming is beneficial to their overall health, helping promote the health of the lungs,heart and other internal organs.

     #3. Water Safety

As your child is being taught how to swim, they begin to feel safe in and around water. They are well prepared should anything happen while swimming. One of the leading causes of death is by drowning, and a child who is taught how to swim will become a better swimmer, be more knowledgeable and gain better experience in and around water.

     #4. Fitness

Swimming is a beneficial aerobic activity that gets the heart pumping and also helps boost flexibility.  It improves balance and posture and one of the least likely sports that can cause injury to kids, you won’t have to worry if your child would hurt themselves while playing.

Finding A Suitable Swimming Center

Despite the fact that there are numerous places and fitness centers to enroll your child in for swimming classes, you might have your own specific reason why you’d prefer one over the other and your choice is very much respected and highly valued.

     #1. Favorable Opening Hours

Although you may find a suitable swimming pool to book classes at, you will have to ask yourself if that program is conducive to your schedule and your child’s daily timetable. You won’t want to them to have a jam-packed timetable or have their classes booked too close to their nap time.

     #2. Easily Accessible

The location of the swimming center should be one that is accessible, easy to locate and not in a hideout. It should be one where you can easily get a cab, bus or train from, in such a way that just in case your child would have to travel on their own from home to the place, they can get there with no problem.

     #3. Well Experienced

Be very sure that the trainers handling your children’s swimming classes are well certified, trained and equipped to handle the job assigned to them. They should be well trained, know how to do CPR, work under stress, be able to relate to the children and pay attention to the kids. Have a sit-in during a lesson to see how well the instructor can do his or her task.

     #4. Safe Environment

For babies and toddlers, book classes at a pool that has warm water, roughly between 87 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the pool is too cold, the child would have issues learning and won’t feel safe in the pool. Make sure the swimming program you end up choosing for your child is one that fits their needs. It should be comfortable, a place they can learn new skills, make friends and have fun doing.

Get In Touch With Us

Why wait any longer, if you know that you are a resident of Westminster and looking for where you can book swimming classes for your children, we can help you through the whole process.

You can have our forms below filled out, our WhatsApp number and direct call line are open for you to get in touch with us and talk about your need for your children to become great swimmers and most of all, have fun.

Book Swimming Classes for Children in Cudham

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For parents living in Cudham with their children, it can sometimes be challenging to find activities to keep the young ones engaged. If that is the case, we are here to help! Why not get them into swimming? With a good swimming instructor, your children will soon learn the wonderful activity and keep healthy while they are at it.

How we teach your children

Our swimming instructors create structured plans that make sure your children have the best training they can have. For beginners, they will always focus on the basics, usually concentrating on teaching children safety rules and making sure they are comfortable in the water after all first-time experiences can be difficult for children.

From there the focus shifts to teaching them the basic swimming skills like front float and back float with the face in the water, opening their eyes under water and bobbing. Instructors will use Instructional floating aids (kickboards, barbells, and float belts) to help children adapt and adjust.

When children master the basic skills, they gradually progress to long-distance swimming, submerging, retrieving objects and turning while swimming. They will then learn to refine their technique for the major maneuvers, i.e. the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke. At an advanced level, they will work on rescue, snorkeling skills and mastering the steps for CPR.

About our instructors

#. Our instructors are not only known to meet up all requirements but also possesses the right amount of patience and fun personality to teach young children

#2. They listen well and explain instructions clearly, give corrections and create a balance between fun and professionalism

#3. They all have certification before approval to commence teaching

#4. They are dedicated to teaching your kids all the skills of personal and competitive swimming

#5. They try to maintain 4:1 ratio of kids per instructor so that every child will have the best lesson support within the stipulated time

What’s the cost?

We can provide both private and semi-private classes. Our services are both flexible and affordable. The average cost of a swim class for children may range between £5 – £70 an hour depending on the package, child’s age, hour and number of days in a week. We also offer free sessions if you want to check out our instructors before you make up your mind.

Contact us today

We make booking your children for swimming classes a smooth process. All you need to do is fill the form below or WhatsApp us and we will take care of you from there.

Book Swimming Classes for Children in Isle of Dogs

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There are several ways that children can learn to swim aside from learning few tips here and there from parents and loved ones. Some parents also hire swimming instructors for their children, which is also a great way to get your child started with swimming.

However, enrolling your child for swimming classes is one of the best ways to get your child to master their swimming skills and also improve on their physical and social interaction skills.

In the Isle of Dogs in the East End of London, there are several swimming classes that are very effective and fun for children. Some swimming classes in the area include Angela’s Swim School, Love to Swim and Saxon Crown Swimming Club.

Benefits of swimming classes

Swimming is a valuable life-saving skill that is not only an excellent physical activity but also a lifelong activity that children can always continue doing.

Given the fact that there are many swimming lessons options to chose from, why choose a swimming class over private lessons?

#1. Improves confidence;

A swimming class makes your children more confident as they learn to complete tasks in front of their peers which gives them a sense of pride.

#2. Social interaction skills;

Interacting with other kids in a swimming class helps a child to mix with other children of similar ages and this is a skill that will help them in their life ahead.

#3. Learn better;

Children tend to learn better and faster in a group setting as they have several trainers to teach them and have their peers to motivate and support them.

How to choose the best swimming classes

Most of the time, parents understand the need to enroll their children in swimming classes and what confuses parents is choosing the right swimming class to enroll their child. Here are few things to consider when choosing a swimming class for kids.

#1. The size of the class and the number of instructors available in a class

#2. The qualification of trainers

#3. Choose a class that has a friendly atmosphere

#4. Know the lessons and activities that are taught in the class

Why choose our swimming classes

We create an opportunity for children of all ages to learn how to swim in a friendly environment that will boost their learning skills.

If you would like to find out more about our swimming classes for children or how to enroll your child, please do not hesitate to give us a call or visit our office.

Book Swimming Classes for Children in Aldborough Hatch

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Going to the park to just chill out with friends or clear your head could be fun if there is a fun part to it, and by fun part I mean when you have nothing to worry about. In Aldborough hatch, the easiest places you could actually ease out stress by socially mingling is at parks, and with parks comes lakes or even party pools for kids.

Knowing your kids are capable enough to take care of themselves whilst mingling with their peers would make fun more full time than a part-time feeling, and that’s where the role of swimming comes to play. To some parents, swimming is actually one of their topmost priorities for their kids, but to others, they see it as a waste of financial resources all thanks to miscommunication or misinterpretation. If you fall into the category of the latter, do read further for clearer views.

Why swimming classes?

Most parents often ask such questions, for them it would be much better if they spend time grooming their kids inside their own pools. Well, the truth is the main difference would be how much it would cost you financially. Asides the financing, kids would actually learn faster if there are amongst their peers, more like learning from the competition.

Swimming classes are like one of the places where most kids build relationships that develop into something beautiful in future. One thing about kids is that they get molded right from infancy, therefore, the earlier they are given a bit of slack on hanging out with their peers in classes, the more social they would become.

Benefits of booking swimming classes

#1. Early booking ensures that your kids start with the basics instead of joining in late wherein they wouldn’t have any knowledge

#2. Booking swimming classes early also helps in cutting cost; unlike the amount late bookers get charged

#3. When you book early, your child gets the best classes available, therefore, early booking equals to getting the best of the best there is from instructors.

About us

Being responsible is already one heck of a job, then combined with having to take care of kids too is definitely a job you can’t take up on your own, and that’s why we offer our services, with us, your kids get to enjoy the best experience of swimming classes in Aldborough Hatch, all thanks to our connection with professional instructors. Simply contact us, and we would see to it that we keep you informed on classes available for booking.

Book Swimming Classes For Children In Hayes

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Swimming is a great fun activity for children. There are lots of swimming classes everywhere, in different locations and one of the places where you can book the best swimming classes for your children is in Hayes. Hayes is a town in west London, situated 13 miles west of Charing Cross.

Why Should You Book Swimming Classes For Your Children?

Swimming is a fun physical and fitness exercise which can help improve your child’s health. It reduces the chances of your child becoming fat or obese.

Drowning is one of the major accidents in the world today. Most times, fear of water is what makes people drown. Swimming classes help your child learn how to swim without being afraid of the water. It builds up their confidence in the water which goes a long way in preventing them from drowning in the future.

Booking our swimming classes is another great way to give your child a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Swimming For the Visually Impaired

Swimming is great for visually impaired children because they can learn about body image and space by using concrete reference points such as the water level or the side of the pool. The water also gives them an intensive sensory stimulation for children with multiple disabilities which other sports cannot provide.

When Can Your Child Join Swimming Classes?

Children are ready for swimming classes when they are above 4 years, this is because children below 3 years cannot sit for long or pay proper attention. But you can still join a parent-child water orientation for children below 4 years.

About Our Swimming Classes in Hayes

We offer the best swimming classes in and around Hayes area. They are near major buildings and parks at great affordable prices. Our classes are led by a great team of swimming instructors who are professionals, qualified, experienced and trained.

Where Can You Find Our Swimming Classes in Hayes?

Our swimming classes are all over Hayes. They are near major buildings and parks. Join us here at Hayes. Go ahead and book our swimming classes for your kids.

Our swimming classes are worth the money. So check out your calendar and register for swim lessons today!

Get Started!

For bookings, fill the form below. Let us know the age of your child and the kind of program or sessions you want and we will take care of the rest for you.

Contact us- call us, send us a message on WhatsApp or you can come by our office at Hayes.