Hire a Boxing Trainer for Women in Brentford

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An expert in boxing once said, “Boxing is a phenomenal way to help you get started or continue on your weight loss journey to lead an ultra-healthy lifestyle especially since you can burn 800 to 1000 calories.” He also added thus: “Dynamic movements and delivery always yield dynamic results.”

For the beginner, a boxing class will teach you basic boxing skills, techniques, and help add muscular strength and the cardio endurance. It will take your core strength to the next level. The strong determination you make today to engage in boxing exercises will surely pay in getting rid of that excess weight.

Very vitally, you need a professional trainer who will get you through the nitty-gritties of boxing and help you come to an in-depth knowledge of the journey. Boxing is very necessary for you because of the following reasons:

Increases Overall Athleticism:

Several years back, Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) along with a group of researchers decided that boxing is the sport that takes the most athleticism. Being a good boxer requires a lot of endurance, strength, power and fair amount of speed agility.

Increases Physical and Mental Toughness:

Boxing is a thing of the mind just as it is physical. It helps enhance your mental prowess and the physical stamina as well as strength.

Gives You Ability to Defend Yourself:

This is probably the most obvious benefit of boxing aside from the conditioning. Boxing is a very effective from of fighting.

Increases Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Self-Confidence is the degree in which you value your ability. Self-Esteem is the degree in which you value your ability.

Increases (Stabilizer) Muscles:

Boxing works a lot of muscles may not be that huge. Specifically, the anterior and posterior deltoids, pectoris major, biceps, and a whole range of core and the back muscles are all worked out during boxing.

What you will gain from a boxing trainer:

Upon hiring a boxing trainer in Brenton, you will get to gain the following:

  • Working with a personal trainer will help you learn how to train properly.
  • A personal trainer will make training easy for you.
  • Boxing with a personal trainer will give you faster results.
  • A Personal will motivate you to try challenging things.
  • A better trainer is trained to help you achieve your goals

So, if your are living within or around Brenford and you desire to hire one of our personal trainers, you can easily contact us, email us or fill the form below and we will get back to you the soonest.

Book Boxing Trainer Classes for Women in Keston

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Boxing is a very popular sport that is watched by most people globally, but this does not mean the activity looks appealing to others. But with recent studies and research, it’s been realized that boxing has a lot of physical, psychological and social benefits.

There are numerous boxing gyms around Keston and if you are here to look for a boxing trainer classes, then you are on the right page. Below are listed benefits of boxing and how you can gain from its health benefits. So let’s get started!

Advantages of Boxing For Women:

Engaging in a boxing trainer classes can be of great benefits to women. One of the most obvious reasons being weight loss. It is known that boxing can help in getting rid of excess fat or stubborn pounds within a short period of time. But that’s not all. There are other important benefits which we are going to talk about now.

Lose Fat and Maintain Weight:

One excellent way of burning fat is to engage in a boxing trainer classes. This is a great way of releasing stress and getting your muscles to work. Boxing triggers stubborn fatty areas and also raise your metabolism which aids in fat loss. All you need to do to get started is find a suitable and accessible boxing trainer classes with a good trainer and you are good to go. And that’s we are here for. So, why wait!

Get Rid of Stress:

Another great benefit of performing boxing lessons is that you will find a great way of releasing bad and unwanted toxins from your body including stress, which we all know is a huge problem for all. When you engage in a boxing trainer lessons, you are allowing your body to engage in a lot of transitions and muscle development. In such times, signals are being sent to the brain to release hormones called endorphin, which aid greatly in the release of stress. And while you are doing that, punching the boxing tools like the heavy bag, is a great way of cooling yourself down.

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What are you waiting for? Start your bookings now and get a chance to live a healthy lifestyle. We can help you kick-start your fitness journey with just a click away. All you have to do is fill in the form below and we will help you!

Book Boxing Training Classes in Brentford

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Boxing can be a great fitness activity for individuals who desire to perform cardiovascular exercises but starting to lose interest with more traditional activities such as running, cycling, and aerobic classes. For individual that meet this criteria, boxing is possibly the exercise you have been in search of. Persons who love to engage in boxing practices need to flexible, have good base level of strength, and be agile.

Why You Need Boxing Training Classes:

Boxing keeps growing and developing- especially in the modeling world. There is a reason for people to get devoted to devoted to boxing; boxing is not just an arm workout. When done the right way, it is a full body workout- legs, core, back, shoulders, and arms as well as a cardiovascular workout.

It is also a great way to get out some aggression. Marcus Le Vesseur of Mixed Combat Arts coordinator and a certified personal at Life Time Athletic quoted about boxing thus: “We have more stress in our lives now than ever before. Use boxing class to help manage your stress and get those endorphins pumping.” In addition to the above, from boxing classes, you will benefit the following:

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health:

It is heard all the time that people need to do cardio to protect themselves from heart diseases, burn calories, and lose or maintain weight. The whole idea of cardio is to minimize the level of stress on your heart and lungs so that they are challenged enough to make beneficial physiologic adaptations to support the higher level of physical activity.

Improve Total-Body Strength:

All the punching, kicking and jumping requires a surprising amount. That is why most professional heavy bags weigh at least 100 pounds.

Better Hand-Eye Composition:

You may not think about the importance of hand-eye coordination and its effect on total health, but the hand-eye coordination plays an integral role in person’s gross and fine motor skills.

Improved Body Composition:

Boxing classes will immensely help in improving body composition. The reason it does so is because it perfectly combines muscle-building strength retaining moves and calorie-torching bouts of cardio. By regularly participating in a boxing program and following a nutritious eating plan, there is no reason for you not see changes in your shape and improvements to your fat mass percentage.

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Be certain that we will surely help you achieve your boxing goals in no time, with comfort. So, just fill in the form below, call or send us a message on WhatsApp on any of the listed numbers.

Hire Boxing Trainers for Women in Brent Cross

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There are a lot of things that can affect a woman’s ability to exercise. This could be time, money or exhaustion. As a woman, in order to feel strengthened and empowered both physically and mentally, you should consider taking up boxing and boxing shouldn’t be a challenge in Brent Cross as there are lots of boxing gyms where you can hire personal boxing trainers. Boxing is a life-changing experience that will make you become better and stronger.

1. Personal sessions

This is an opportunity to get to know your trainer and vice versa. They will help you identify your weaknesses and your strengths and use this to help you with the much needed help in getting the strength you need to becoming a strong fierce woman.

2. Strength training

The strength training exercises that boxing incorporates will help you become stronger. Your trainer will show the proper and safe way to do this exercise making these workouts very effective. It is one thing to exercise and lose weight, it is another to exercise and become stronger. Being strong makes the difference between exercising for the sake of it and exercising to strengthen yourself. There are some people who are not all slimmed down but are stronger than the average man.

3. Self defense

Boxing incorporates self-defense skills that will come handy when you face dangerous situations. You would not be a damsel in distress waiting to be saved, you will be the savior of your own self. A boxing trainer will show you the right tricks in maneuvering your way out of danger and protecting yourself or loved ones.

4. Circuit training

You just don’t get to learn boxing, you get to learn circuit training added to your boxing to give you a heads up above others. Not only will this strengthen you, but it will make you more flexible. Waking up would not be a chore any more but an opportunity to work out harder. You become an adrenaline junkie looking for the next bout of training that will make a great difference for the day.

5. Nutrition

A boxing trainer will ensure that they incorporate a healthy nutrition into your diet. Exercising hard but eating the wrong food wouldn’t yield desired results. When you eat the wrong food, you become heavy and exhausted. Your boxing trainer will ensure you eat the right foods.

6. Mental wellness

This ensures mental wellness because in order to be able to box train effectively. Your mind has to be in order, your will power has to be stronger than your strength as this is what will push you to strive harder than ever. Your box trainer will ensure that you are calm in your mind and every punch you throw is in sync with your goal or vision in front of you.

7. Boxing technique

Your boxing trainer will guide you in the art of boxing as there are techniques that will help you learn how to box the right way. Boxing is a skill and it needs to be developed for one to reach their full potential. This would entail learning from the very bottom, you will need to master how to perform routines using equipment like the heavy bag and the speed bag, you will learn how to shadow box in front of a mirror so your form can be built  or developed. A lot of things will have to change about you in order to gain mastery in the art of boxing. You might not be aiming for mastery but you should be aiming close as all this will give you a change of mentality and how you carry yourself. You will no longer be that weak woman on the streets of Brent Cross but an empowered one.

8. Extra motivation

Boxing is an intimidating sport so at some point you would need to get motivation of any form. This is where a trainer comes in; they will keep pushing you when you feel like giving up. This means being consistent and constantly focused towards achieving the set goal. Positive mindset and the will to conquer is all you need. Your boxing trainer will make those difficult times easier and encourage you to work harder, and because your they understand your needs and requirements, they can help you identify areas that will make your life easier.

9. Expert guidance

When you hire a competent trainer, you trust them with helping you reach your goals because they are knowledgeable in this area  and they’ll provide you with the best guidance. They’ll teach you how to do your routines properly without having ti get injured. When you have this trust that you’re doing the right thing, you keep pushing yourself and at the end of the day, you’ll yield effective results.

Contact us:

Now that you know the great benefits that accompanies boxing trainers, you might want to take it up but you might be wondering how you’d go about hiring one; well, we can help you. With our professional and friendly boxing trainers across Brent Cross, you don’t have to worry about hiring the right trainer or about distance. All you have to do is to fill in the form below, call us or send us a message on WhatsApp through the numbers below and we’ll get you started.

Hire A Boxing Trainer For Women In Croydon

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Boxing is a great sport for everyone including women, especially for those that want to be fit and tone their body and stay in shape. In Croydon, there are gyms and trainers that will help you to get into shape through boxing for women. Don’t get discouraged by the image of heavyweight men punching bags and lifting the weight, boxing is a great form of exercise that women can try because it is not only about building muscles. With time you will get to reap the benefits of boxing quickly by getting a boxing trainer that will show you all the right moves.

Why Hire A trainer For Women In Boxing?

1. Proper Instruction:

A boxing trainer will show you how to do the training properly by demonstrating the right methods and approach to thrown the punches so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process. You will also be able to do the right techniques when training on your own so that you get the effect of box training.

2. Objective Eye:

This is an exercise that is a full body work out that gets all of your body moving and it does not matter whether you are training as a professional or just for personal purpose. What is important is that you use boxing to exercise your body and get into shape and this is where your trainer will inform you of what to expect in box training so that you both work on the parts that need more concentration. The trainer will focus on different muscle groups and parts of your body that needs more workout.

3. Stronger Bones:

Apart from losing fat, box training helps build strength. To build up speed, endurance and keep your body in optimum health, your bones and muscle need to be strong. Boxing is one of the best means of achieving all these things.

4. Develop Confidence And Relieve Stress:

As you train, your trainer will act like a therapist’s giving you the necessary encouragement that will lift up confidence and push you to achieve your goal. They will also challenge you to try out different techniques by teaching you new things that will keep you interested.

Punching away on a punching bag will send aggression into overdrive because it relieves physical and mental stress and tension with every punch. Boxing releases hormones like cortisol and increases endorphins which is your body’s feel-good chemicals.

Contact Us:

If you’re a woman in a Croydon and you are interested in hiring a boxing trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, we can be of help to you. We help our clients by linking them up with some of the best fitness trainers in town. To sign up with us, fill out the form below to get things started.

Hire a Boxing Trainer for Women in Brent Cross

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Boxing is a unique sport. It helps you conquer fear of fighting and most importantly contributes a lot to your health. Boxing needs a lot of conditioning and require practice, strength and strategy, which should be under the supervision of a well known boxing trainer, someone who can put you through all what it takes to be a good boxer.

Fortunately, Brent cross is an environment that accommodates so many sport activities including boxing, where you can have the best trainers to help you achieve your goals and make you a great boxer. To become a great boxer in this world, you need to have an instructor who has a required knowledge for the job and will be willing to teach you to become great in what you love.

Brent cross forms the basis for you to become great, using the facilities it has and lovable environment for boxing in places like Ringtone boxing gym, KB King gym and Urban King gym etc. These places, among others, accommodate instructors that can be with you and shape your life to where you want it to be.

There are many health and fitness opportunities you can enjoy in Brent cross. It has a strong foundation for all you are looking for in training and health promotions. Brent cross has so many parks and gyms where you can spend a healthy time with your trainer in sport activities freely with no disturbance from the environment.

Benefits of Hiring a Boxing Trainer:

Boxing is a sport that requires a high level of athletic abilities, including strength, speed, quickness, hand-eye coordination, endurance, nerve, and power, etc. Hiring a boxing fitness trainer will enable you to have all the skills required and polish those same athletic skills to avoid getting punched from opponents. Below are some of the things your trainer can help you achieve when hired:

1. Decreased stress

Boxing and all other form of moderate to intense physical activity can decrease stress. According to research, exercise increases endorphins, boosts mood, works as a form of meditation, and improves sleep, all of which helps to reduce stress.

Besides, during a boxing workout, you typically switch between high intensity bouts of exercise and moderate intensity recovery periods, and when you’re pushing yourself through a couple minutes of high intensity punching or kicking, you focus less on your worries. Even during rest periods, you’ll be focused on relaxing and mentally preparing for the next round.

2. Improves Body Composure

Boxing is a very good exercise that can help you improve your body composure, and even help in weight loss. Ultimately, if you want to lose weight, what you really need to do is improve your body composition which can help increase your muscle mass and decrease fat mass through your boxing skills.

Boxing is an incredible means to improve body composition because it completely combines muscle building, strength, and training moves. Besides, regularly participating in a boxing program and following a nutritious eating plan, there is high likelihood that you notice the change, shape and improvement you desire.

3. Improve Body Strength

All that punching, kicking, and jumping requires a huge amount of strength, and the energy invested when training helps to improve the body strength. During boxing workouts, you may punch or kick a bag hundreds of times, engaging your upper body, lower body, and core as you make contact with the bag, which boosts your energy and build up your body strength. These training activities will be monitored by the instructor, and he will guide you through things you should do and things you shouldn’t.

3. Enhance Cardiovascular Health

As a boxer, you need to exercise with the goal of improving your heart health, as this will prevent you from the risk of cardiovascular disease, help burn calories and aid in weight loss. The whole point of cardio is to place a reasonable amount of stress on your heart and lungs so that they put challenge you the more to make useful physiologic adaptations to hold up the higher level of physical activity. As long as you keep your heart rate up during your workout, there’s no reason you can’t punch, kick, and jump your way to a healthy heart at your boxing gym.

Reasons Why Hiring a Trainer is a Great Option:

You might be thinking about getting a boxing trainer, and how you would feel after the first session, and how incredible it would turn out to be. When finding a trainer, you should bear in mind that the safest way to go about it is to know if the trainer is certified from a recognized boxing institution.

Besides, what makes a trainer is the ability to build a relationship with his clients, being the key to communication, because without a good relation with your trainer, dialogue can be an issue, which won’t help your training. Get someone that is appealing to you in Brent Cross and you see yourself working with for a long time.
Brent cross has local gyms that are accommodated with modern boxing equipment and a very lovable environment which can be comfortable when training and the instructors there are willing to motivate you as you exercise. Trainers are there to push you until you cannot give any more, this will be good for you to reach out to your full potentials.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Boxing Trainer:

1.  Experience

Practice makes perfect, therefore, a trainer who has been around the boxing area for while must be the best candidate or the best person to suit the job for hiring. Experience coupled with the technical know how is the best way to help you move further in becoming a boxer. Brent cross has so many experienced trainers that can guide and help facilitate your training sessions with them.

2. Cost

Just as experience, trainers are not the same and their charges are different, depending on certifications, specialty and location. So, before you begin your hunt, sit down and think about your budget. If hourly sessions are beyond your means, don’t feel hopeless; some trainers offer semi private sessions or even discounts that can be within your means or something you can afford.

3. Location

Location is a great determinant of sustainability. There are many boxing gym centers you can hire your trainer from, so make a good choice in choosing a convenient location for your training. While some people get inspired by seeing others in a traditional gym setting, others like the one-on-one approach, and others prefer to work out in the privacy of their own home. The thing is, you need not to choose what others prefer, but what’s best for you.

4. Personality

Your trainer’s personality determines a lot in knowing the kind of trainer he is and if he’s someone you can get along with. Choose a trainers whose personality is pragmatic and is determined to see the trainings worth it.

How can we help you Hire a Boxing Trainer in Brent Cross:

Hiring a personal boxing trainer is now easier with us. Our boxing trainers are the best to select from, if you’re looking to hire a trainer. Brent cross have some of the most experienced boxing trainers, with benefits that cannot be measured up with other trainers.

We also offer free session before you begin the program proper, and you also get a cheaper cost for training. In addition is the motivation you get and working with you to achieve your goals faster. You stand a better chance with us than any other candidate in Brent cross. We can connect you with the well-known instructors within Brent Cross.

To access full details about our boxing trainers and how to book and hire one in Brent Cross, kindly fill the form below or contact us on WhatsApp or any of the numbers below.

Hire a Boxing Trainer for Men in West Green

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Boxing is just about a first-rate full-body workout. It deals with every area of the body and supplies a valuable balance flanked by cardio and resistant training. Apart from building your muscles as a man, boxing also heightens your self-confidence and bravery, guaranteeing that you can deal with anything life throws at you. So, for men who desire to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, indulging in boxing classes will help take you a long way in living a fruitful and desired life. West Green gives out boxing trainers that are capable of shaping you into that mould of a boxing champion and help you attain your fitness goals.

Some of our Boxing Trainers in West Green:

Steve Dickinson

Gender: Male
Age: 47
Price from: £45.00 per session

Steve Dickinson is the proud founder and owner of What A Life Fitness that’s based in West London. His goal is to provide his clients with a unique bespoke and fun training experience. Offering an incentive and inspiration to reach their goals and continue to enhance now and the future. He is a qualified fitness and motivation coach as well as a certified personal trainer. He is tremendously fervent about Health & Fitness. He worked in Telecommunications for 26yrs before retiring to do a job he loves.

Rachel Whorton

Gender: Female
Age: 38
Price from: £45.00 per session

Once a dancer who knows how to inspire, build confidence and accomplish individual result safely and efficiently. Rachel has dedicated most of her years to discipline, strength and technique needed to retain an extreme level of fitness. Her knowledge is conveyed in her training meetings to give a fresh, groundbreaking attitude to daily actions. Her focus is on core immovability (back muscles and stomach), posture, proprioceptor (tendons and sensory muscles) and equilibrium exercises, giving individuals the access to build in strength, flexibility and confidence.

Why Should You Hire A Boxing Trainer?

As a man, you definitely want to have a good physique and be able to show off your abilities. On the other hand what’s more fun is when you can kick some ass while showing off. Boxing builds buoyancy and enhances your immune system. Unfortunately, men are so occupied with daily activities such as work, school, and work and hardly engage in boxing, which is why you need a trainer.

A boxing trainer is the fitness professional and the inspiration you need. A boxing trainer is extremely relevant to your fitness goal. Regardless of your ability to stay motivated by internal or external causes, a boxing trainer can take your workouts to a whole new level. Psychologically, we humans react and push ourselves in numerous ways when it is known that someone is watching our every move and if that someone happens to be a fitness professional who knows specifically what they are doing and clearly look the part, the workouts will at all times be more intense than the ones you will do on your own. With a good trainer, you will learn a lot in one session than you will from any site.

What Can you Benefit From a Boxing Trainer?

  • It Makes you Super-fit:

If it’s you going after an overall fitness, then you need to get your head around both aerobic and anaerobic workout accessible in boxing.  Boxing is estimated to be 20-30% aerobic and 70-80% anaerobic. A boxing workout helps in keeping the heart rate at 75%-85% steady heartbeat which is the commended range if you are exercising.

  • It’ll Make you Stronger:

A good boxing routine includes diverse forms of motion and repetitive movements of your entire body. These repetitive motions supply power and strength to your whole body, particularly to your legs, arms and core areas.

Contact Us:

To get started with a boxing trainer in West Green, simply fill the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hire a Boxing Trainer for Women in Chinbrook

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Chinbrook is a good place to carry out your boxing workouts. This is because of the availability of parks, recreational centers, gyms/ fitness centers like Bannatyne’s Health Club, David Lloyd Kidbrooke Village, Anytime Fitness Hither Green and also the fact that sports is an important leisure activity in the area. Transportation in Chinbrook is quite accessible due to the good network of roads and railway stations. If you are a resident of Chinbrook or neighborhood and you are looking to hire a boxing trainer, just keep reading. We have all the necessary information you need.

Benefits Of Boxing For Women:

Many people will be surprised by the fact that lots of the beautiful and sexy women involved in show business actually practice boxing as part of their workout routine. This is because of the astonishing benefits boxing provides. Here are just a few:

#1. Improved Awareness And Co-ordination:

Keeping numerous body parts in motion demands a good communication between the body and the central nervous system. With patience and lots of training you will soon realize that you have a better body co-ordination and concentration.

#2. Self-Defense Skills:

An improved self-defense skill will be an added bonus for women who chose boxing for their exercise routine. This will also improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

#3. Improved Body Composition:

Boxing exercises are a great way to improve your body’s composition because they completely bring together calorie burning periods of cardio and muscle-building strength training moves. By regularly carrying out boxing workouts and following a good diet plan, you will soon notice positive changes in your shape and improvements to your fat mass percentage.

Benefits of Working with Our Personal Trainers:

Apart from the fact that you probably have no idea where to start, these are other benefits of hiring a boxing trainer.

#1. Flexible Schedules And Cost Effectiveness:

We are aware of the fact that many women in Chinbrook are probably busy with their jobs, kids or other activities, and that is the reason why our boxing trainers offer very versatile time slots adapted to your needs and schedules at an affordable price. We also offer free trial classes to help you chose a compatible boxing trainer and for you to have a taste of what we offer.

#2. Right Certification:

Our trainers are not only experienced and skillful, but they also have the right certifications.

Our boxing trainers are very accessible, they can be found throughout Chinbrook, especially in places around The Tower of London and Barratt London.

Contact Us:

You might as well stop searching for places where you can practice boxing or build up on your fitness as we have all the services you need – from weight loss trainers to boxing trainers. Contact us today by call or through WhatsApp. We would be delighted to help you achieve your goals.

Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in Addington

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During the initial stage of the 20th century, Addington was first located in the Surrey county, there were urban and rural districts formed in that region to enable the residents from various communities to have their needs met by making facilities available to them.

Boxing as some may know was only a sporting activity meant for men, before things took a turn around. The sport is a fun activity for anyone, it is challenging and puts the body in a proper state, both physically and emotionally. One can do it at any point in life and it comes with great benefits.

Benefits of boxing:

Was your day at work stressful? Are the kids getting on your last nerve? Don’t you worry, with boxing, you can let all of that emotional build-up out, have you mind free and be rid of those stressful thought that gets you worked up. As you also build your body, you enable yourself to feel better, calm and ready for the task ahead. Punching away the stress will leave you feeling better and put you in a happy mood. Other benefits include:

#1. Helps Burn Calories.

#2. Get A Full Round Fit Body.

#3. Feel More Secured.

As we all know, to every beanstalk, there’s a giant. There are bound to be drawbacks that you will have to encounter while boxing and it can take a toll on you at some point, but you will just have to stay strong. Apart from improvement on your health while boxing, the drills and physical contact will likely cause injury. There are various boxing related-injury that ranges from mild to serious. You will just have to make sure you have your gears on and act on any serious issue that might be of concern to you. Nothing comes easy they say, so you will just have to go through fire to come out refined. Remember to alert a boxing instructor during your classes if there’s anything serious you need to bring to his attention.

Contact Us:

For more info you can contact us on our direct line. Our trainers are within reach and accessible. Our services are offered at a relative cheap cost that you won’t be able to get out there, we are the best at what we do because we connect you to what you are in search of. Classes are offered near major building for easy mode of transportation. Fill out our form or WhatsApp us for more inquiries.

What you need not to eat while going for boxing training

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Questions like: “why should I not eat as a boxer or as one going for boxing training?” could come up. To every doubt, there are lots of ways to clear them.

We are faced with diet challenges every day, and being ignorant of it is no longer an excuse. As a boxing trainee, you are advised to withdraw from some diet that will interfere with your training sessions and would reduce the impact of your fitness program. Diet is a complementary component of fitness. They go hand in hand so that an individual will generally be healthy and fit.

In this article, I will refer what you need not eat as the “BAD GUYS”. The BAD GUYS can contain loads of sugar, bad fats, bad carbohydrates, or toxic preservatives. When you consume this BAD guy you feel heavy in your stomach, it takes a longer time to digest them. They also give you high sugar levels or could even make you drunk. Thus making you inactive and unfulfilling.

The BAD GUYS are:

Junk meals

We can be tempted to go for junk meals like ice cream, chocolate, Pringles or snacks too much in a day. You got to reduce or avoid taking such meals as they will affect your performance in boxing.


It is never advised to consume alcohol as a training boxer. Apart from the side effect of drunkenness- that will affect your performance during training sessions, it also portrays a disrespectful personality. Turning up drunk for training is downright rude and disrespectful.

Many research has been done and its a fact that work output is dramatically affected by alcohol consumption. Therefore, it is rather a disadvantage than an advantage to consuming alcohol as you work out.

Heavy carbs meals

Heavy consumption of heavy meals is not a good idea especially for one who is boxing or going for boxing training sessions. There is a tendency that the meal is so heavy that it makes your stomach heavy or it takes a longer time to digest it. For proper functioning and performance in boxing, do not engage in heavy meals.

Processed foods

Any food that is prepared, stored, or transformed into other forms for consumption or storage is considered processed food. Processed foods are the most serious of the BAD GUYS. They can be harmful to the body. Although, not all processed foods are bad, yet natural foods are highly recommended instead of risking your health with the processed ones.