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Hire a Boxing Trainer for Women in Brentford

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An expert in boxing once said, “Boxing is a phenomenal way to help you get started or continue on your weight loss journey to lead an ultra-healthy lifestyle especially since you can burn 800 to 1000 calories.” He also added thus: “Dynamic movements and delivery always yield dynamic results.”

For the beginner, a boxing class will teach you basic boxing skills, techniques, and help add muscular strength and the cardio endurance. It will take your core strength to the next level. The strong determination you make today to engage in boxing exercises will surely pay in getting rid of that excess weight.

Very vitally, you need a professional trainer who will get you through the nitty-gritties of boxing and help you come to an in-depth knowledge of the journey. Boxing is very necessary for you because of the following reasons:

Increases Overall Athleticism:

Several years back, Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) along with a group of researchers decided that boxing is the sport that takes the most athleticism. Being a good boxer requires a lot of endurance, strength, power and fair amount of speed agility.

Increases Physical and Mental Toughness:

Boxing is a thing of the mind just as it is physical. It helps enhance your mental prowess and the physical stamina as well as strength.

Gives You Ability to Defend Yourself:

This is probably the most obvious benefit of boxing aside from the conditioning. Boxing is a very effective from of fighting.

Increases Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem:

Self-Confidence is the degree in which you value your ability. Self-Esteem is the degree in which you value your ability.

Increases (Stabilizer) Muscles:

Boxing works a lot of muscles may not be that huge. Specifically, the anterior and posterior deltoids, pectoris major, biceps, and a whole range of core and the back muscles are all worked out during boxing.

What you will gain from a boxing trainer:

Upon hiring a boxing trainer in Brenton, you will get to gain the following:

  • Working with a personal trainer will help you learn how to train properly.
  • A personal trainer will make training easy for you.
  • Boxing with a personal trainer will give you faster results.
  • A Personal will motivate you to try challenging things.
  • A better trainer is trained to help you achieve your goals

So, if your are living within or around Brenford and you desire to hire one of our personal trainers, you can easily contact us, email us or fill the form below and we will get back to you the soonest.

Book Boxing Trainer Classes for Women in Keston

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Boxing is a very popular sport that is watched by most people globally, but this does not mean the activity looks appealing to others. But with recent studies and research, it’s been realized that boxing has a lot of physical, psychological and social benefits.

There are numerous boxing gyms around Keston and if you are here to look for a boxing trainer classes, then you are on the right page. Below are listed benefits of boxing and how you can gain from its health benefits. So let’s get started!

Advantages of Boxing For Women:

Engaging in a boxing trainer classes can be of great benefits to women. One of the most obvious reasons being weight loss. It is known that boxing can help in getting rid of excess fat or stubborn pounds within a short period of time. But that’s not all. There are other important benefits which we are going to talk about now.

Lose Fat and Maintain Weight:

One excellent way of burning fat is to engage in a boxing trainer classes. This is a great way of releasing stress and getting your muscles to work. Boxing triggers stubborn fatty areas and also raise your metabolism which aids in fat loss. All you need to do to get started is find a suitable and accessible boxing trainer classes with a good trainer and you are good to go. And that’s we are here for. So, why wait!

Get Rid of Stress:

Another great benefit of performing boxing lessons is that you will find a great way of releasing bad and unwanted toxins from your body including stress, which we all know is a huge problem for all. When you engage in a boxing trainer lessons, you are allowing your body to engage in a lot of transitions and muscle development. In such times, signals are being sent to the brain to release hormones called endorphin, which aid greatly in the release of stress. And while you are doing that, punching the boxing tools like the heavy bag, is a great way of cooling yourself down.

Contact Us:

What are you waiting for? Start your bookings now and get a chance to live a healthy lifestyle. We can help you kick-start your fitness journey with just a click away. All you have to do is fill in the form below and we will help you!

Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in West Wickham

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Boxing training classes are classes that are held by a group of people who require knowledge and skills with regards to boxing or a group of people who want to use boxing as a means of weight loss because of the intensity and the loss of calories due to boxing. Boxing is an exercise/sport suitable for both men and women but this article dilates on the need for women in West Wickham to be involved in boxing due to the efficiency of our services and its proximity to people in West Wickham.

So are you a lady in West Wickham? West Wickham is a suburban area in the London Borough of Bromley. In line with the Roman road, it is east of Croydon, South West of Bromley and 10.3 miles south east of Charing Cross.  Or you are a lady staying around West Wickham? We have boxing classes that will significantly aid you through different aspects of your life mental, social, physical and health aspects. Boxing is a sport a lot of ladies try to shy away from because of fear of judgement but it’s also a healthy way of improving your life.

Why the need to join boxing training classes

Boxing training classes enables ladies to mix with other ladies in the community which may enhance performance because there will be a need to train efficiently and it will also be fun as ladies will get to interact and help each other reach their boxing goals even without the instructor, as their will be a sense of competitiveness.

Benefits of boxing classes

#1. Improves total body strength:

The kicking, punching and jumping requires strength because most professional heavy bags weigh at least 100 pounds. The hundreds of punching or kicking involved in boxing require your upper body and lower body core to be engaged in order to make contacts with the bag. That’s the reason we try to incorporate other strength training a boxing workout e.g. squats, planks, push ups etc.

#2. Improves the composition of the body:

Boxing is an excellent means of improving body composition. Boxing helps increase muscle mass and reduces fat mass thereby resulting in improved body composition.

#3. Decreases stress:

Boxing is a form of moderate to intense activity that can help decrease stress. The punching and kicking involved in the activity can help ladies reduce stress.

#4. Improves cardio-vascular health:

Boxing is a form of cardio that protects the boxer from heart diseases, burns calories and helps to loose or maintain weight.

#5. Improves eye coordination:

Boxing helps to have fine motor skills. It also helps boxers have faster reflexes and reaction time and thereby have a better total physical coordination. This helps during aging because coordination and balance becomes compromised.

#6. Profession:

A person can have a profession and earn a living through boxing either by being a trainer or being a competitive boxer and moreover boxing pays off!


We cater for ladies who want to be involved in boxing exercises to burn calories on a daily basis and possibly build up stamina and also for ladies who want to end up in the ring we prepare them for competitiveness. We teach them the fundamentals and basics of boxing which is really appealing to women whether they are practicing for fun or not. These basic workouts include Gruelling circuit work, throwing punches, foot and hand movement, foot and hand placement, foot and hand movement, boxing stance, boxing breath, cross, uppercut, shadow boxing, slip, hook, jab and Duck. These are basic workouts which will go a long way in instilling the sense of boxing.

Qualities of a good boxing class instructor

#1. Experience:

The class instructor should be an experienced person when it comes to boxing. The person should be experienced enough to head a boxing class because leading a class is unlike being a personal trainer because some are fast learners while others need special attention and in order to handle the slow learners the instructor needs to be an experienced individual. And we have the cream of the crop, our trainers are experienced with success stories.

#2. Professionalism:

The instructor should be highly professional and have ethics of professionalism in order to handle the class in the most efficient manner. Professionalism is one of the key reasons for success in every career and in boxing, professionalism counts in reaching goals especially for competitive boxing. So if you want to be a competitive boxer, get trained by a professional and our instructors believe boxing is all about being professional.

#3. Understanding & maturity:

A class instructor needs to be really understanding knowing that he/she is meeting women from all categories of life, married and single. Some people might attend the class as a means of forgetting their stress or worry.  Some might not necessarily come to forget their worries but might be burdened and a class instructor should know how to Handle the person to yield faster results.

#4. Patience:

The instructor must possess patience as a quality in order to gain results because ladies tend to adapt more to people who understand them and are patient with them. So as a trainer you must be ready to be patient. Just because she isn’t getting the punches right doesn’t mean you should give up on her. You should be ready to teach her till she gets it right!

#5. Certification:

The instructor of the class should posses a certification which proves he can handle a class full of because we should be conscious of where we invest. It’s good to invest in health and fitness but that doesn’t mean we should invest in just anybody. The person should have a proper documentation that certifies his/her qualification.

Cost of training

Our cost of training is really affordable considering that ladies are shying away from a life changing activity. We want to convince them about practicing this activity that yes they can do it. It’s not a sport for men alone.  So invest in a life changing activity and challenge yourself to the task of making a change. You can also have a free training session with us to enable you make the right choice because we want you to make a conscious decision of our services.

Contact us

Ladies in West Wickham, kenston, Shirley, Seldon, Beckenham, Chelsham, Foresdale, Haves, Addington or in neighborhood, invest in going for boxing classes, Invest in being a change. Fill the form below or call us directly nad we will get back to you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Book Boxing Classes For Women in Tolworth

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Book Boxing Classes For Women in Tolworth

Getting fit in Tolworth should not be stressful. Many people find it very stressful to book classes in boxing Gyms. However, with our services this is very easy, and with us you can book boxing classes for women in Tolworth with no stress. Getting fit in the area is relatively easy, there are several boxing gyms in Tolworth which provide classes for women.

There are several Boxing gyms in the area where women can book their classes and have an amazing work out session. The Surbiton Boxing Club  is a boxing organization which aims to organize classes for both amateur boxers and professional boxers. Thus, this boxing classes are designed for people who have experience boxing and those who are just starting out. The Surbiton Boxing Club is a well-equipped gym where you can work out and get fit.

Go Fit Go Box Gym and Stallard’s Boxing are also boxing gyms in the area which are well equipped and manned by professionals who will make sure that your goals will be met regardless of whether you are starting out or you are a professional boxer.

Benefits of boxing for fitness for women

Women are always looking for an exercise pattern which burns lots of calories and build muscles. Boxing is the perfect exercise to do this. Boxing is a high intensity sport which burns lots of calories very fast. You can burn up to three hundred and fifty calories (350) to five hundred calories (500) in one hour depending on how intense you are boxing and your weight. Advance female boxers can lose five hundred calories in one hour. Thus, boxing is a very good exercise for women who are trying to lose weight in order to get fit.

Losing fat is important for fitness ,however, strength building is equally important for fitness and boxing is a very effective way of strength building. Boxing can help a woman build speed, improve the endurance level of the body and keep the body balanced. In a nut shell, boxing is an exercise which involves a wide range of movements which build strength all over the body and as a result make the body more fit.

Benefits of enrolling in a boxing class

Enrolling in a boxing class can be very beneficial to you because of three main reasons. Firstly, it is a good source of motivation to exercise with a group instead of exercising on your own. In a boxing class you get the opportunity to work out with people who are trying to get fit just like you. Thus, it can serve as a great source of motivation.

Joining boxing class can also keep you accountable. when you do not attend a session, inquiries from group members will keep you accountable and keep you on your toes.

Joining a boxing class can be a great way  to meet new people and bond over fitness. That way you can get someone to keep you accountable and you will do the same for them.

With our services you will get trainers near you. Our services are flexible and accessible.

Contact us

For more information contact us on whatsApp.

Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in East Barnet

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Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in East Barnet

East Barnet was formed as part of the East Barnet Urban District of Hertfordshire in 1965. It was later transferred from Hertfordshire to Greater London. Now, it is known as a largely residential suburb with a central area containing shops, restaurants and services and public houses. It is also known to be largely populated.

Boxing is not just for men. It is a great sport for women and it doesn’t necessary mean that you will have to get into a boxing ring to compete.

Reasons why women need to book a boxing class

Below are 5 reasons why boxing is beneficial to you:

#1. Enhance your cardiovascular health

You definitely need cardio to help protect yourself from heart disease, maintain/lose weight and burn calories. This will in turn give you the perfect shape/form you so desire.

#2. Improve total body strength

To have strength on a particular part of the body is one thing. To have total body strength is another thing. Boxing provides that for you! Give yourself the chance to have total body strength.

#3. Fat burning

Boxing is the perfect sport to burn down fat as well as keep in shape.

#4. Decreased Stress

There isn’t a better stress reliever that punching a “punching bag”. There are so many negative effects to stress. Decrease the amount of stress you have now!

#5. Improved Body Composition

This is also a major advantage as it seeks to improve the body in total. It works on all muscle groups.

Advantages of our boxing instructors

#1. Personalized Workout

Our boxing classes are structured in such a way that it can be done in a personalized manner. If you are one of the few that do not like training with other people then our boxing classes is definitely for you! This creates an ideal time for our boxing trainers to know who you are and what barriers you need to break in your life.

#2. Motivation

What is anything in the world without motivation? Nothing right? Motivation is “key” as it keeps you going. There will be days when you’ll just lack the motivation and our boxing trainers will make sure that the motivation is on-going.

#3. Protective mechanisms

Why hire a body guard if you can protect yourself? Our boxing trainers will make sure that you’re equipped with the required skill to be able to protect yourself in any giving circumstance.

How can you book a boxing class?

You can either fill the form below or call us on WhatsApp and we’ll provide a class that best suits your time. Start an era of a boxing life!

Book Boxing Trainer Classes for Women in King’s Cross

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Are you worried about post-partum obesity? Do you want to regain your self-confidence? Do you want to build your muscles, tone-up and boost your well-being in no time? If so we can help you achieve all that and even more.

Boxing used to be considered as a masculine sporting activity, due to its vigor and energy demanding nature. But boxers today are considered some of the most physically fit athletes in the world of sports, for this reason, it is gaining more popularity and becoming a popular exercise called Boxercise.

Many want to take advantage of the great exercise benefits of boxing but don’t want the physical contact involved, as such Boxercise is a type of exercise based on boxing skills and techniques, but does not include sparring or physical contact.

Like every other form of exercise, boxercise has its pros and cons as it is associated with injuries and addictions but all that can be minimized if only you train with experienced professionals who teach you how to use boxing equipment properly, how to effectively carry out certain boxing techniques safely.

If you are a woman who wants to boost her health and fitness or improve her professional boxing career, King’s Cross has got it all. Although, the mention of King’s Cross often time invoke the images of Harry Potter’s famous trip to Hogwarts. But when it comes to boxing and its related activities in this fantastic area of London, there’s much more than a handy transport link to a school of wizardry. King’s Cross is well known for its Excellent transport links, a surprisingly thriving nightlife and shopping scenes as well as numerous top-class boxing gyms; Urban King’s gyms, Ringtone Boxing Gym and Delgado boxing club are some of our favorite picks at King’s Cross.

We, on the other hand, are located near you and willing to help you by connecting you with excellent boxers with years of experience of coaching women on how to safely and effectively take advantage of the full exercise benefits of boxing. Our services are flexible, stress-free and most importantly affordable. We ensure you get full value for your money as such track down and link you with not only the best boxing trainers around but also the right one for the job.

Our trainers are just unique and as a woman, you will find them amazing because they know exactly what you want as a woman. They have good communication skills, they are humane and compassionate, possess unique motivational skills, keep your progress in check and ensure your safety.
If you are still in doubt if boxercise is for you, then it might interest you to know that;

#1. Boxercise can help you lose weight more efficiently than many other forms of exercises.
#2. Boxercise helps to relieve stress by inducing the release of endorphins (the body’s happy hormones).
#3. Boxercise is a great way to develop abs and a flat belly.
#4. Boxercise is great for your heart and lungs.
#5. Boxercise can help you develop a better mind and body coordination.
#6. Your ability to be coordinated, to think fast and to be agile – which is built through boxercise – can help you defend yourself physically.

For more information feel free to contact us through our phone lines, WhatsApp or by simply filling the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible with every important detail you need to easily get you signed in.

Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in Addington

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During the initial stage of the 20th century, Addington was first located in the Surrey county, there were urban and rural districts formed in that region to enable the residents from various communities to have their needs met by making facilities available to them.

Boxing as some may know was only a sporting activity meant for men, before things took a turn around. The sport is a fun activity for anyone, it is challenging and puts the body in a proper state, both physically and emotionally. One can do it at any point in life and it comes with great benefits.

Benefits of boxing:

Was your day at work stressful? Are the kids getting on your last nerve? Don’t you worry, with boxing, you can let all of that emotional build-up out, have you mind free and be rid of those stressful thought that gets you worked up. As you also build your body, you enable yourself to feel better, calm and ready for the task ahead. Punching away the stress will leave you feeling better and put you in a happy mood. Other benefits include:

#1. Helps Burn Calories.

#2. Get A Full Round Fit Body.

#3. Feel More Secured.

As we all know, to every beanstalk, there’s a giant. There are bound to be drawbacks that you will have to encounter while boxing and it can take a toll on you at some point, but you will just have to stay strong. Apart from improvement on your health while boxing, the drills and physical contact will likely cause injury. There are various boxing related-injury that ranges from mild to serious. You will just have to make sure you have your gears on and act on any serious issue that might be of concern to you. Nothing comes easy they say, so you will just have to go through fire to come out refined. Remember to alert a boxing instructor during your classes if there’s anything serious you need to bring to his attention.

Contact Us:

For more info you can contact us on our direct line. Our trainers are within reach and accessible. Our services are offered at a relative cheap cost that you won’t be able to get out there, we are the best at what we do because we connect you to what you are in search of. Classes are offered near major building for easy mode of transportation. Fill out our form or WhatsApp us for more inquiries.

Book Boxing Classes for Women in King’s Cross

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We all love to look pretty and fit- that’s human nature. But what makes this a lot more fulfilling is when you can be able to learn self-defense techniques while working towards fitness. This is why many women are currently obsessed with boxing.

Women’s boxing for fitness is really taking off. Lots of women practice boxing nowadays, but some are still intimidated by the idea of punching someone or getting hit, which is really a misconception. The idea of massive muscles, nose bleeds and large arms is wrong. Boxing is a really good sport for toning and shaping your body.

Whether you are hitting a punching bag or skipping a rope, boxing workouts are very necessary and every woman should try them at least once. Aside from toning your muscles, boxing has numerous benefits, which makes it a brilliant sport for women to practice.

What is boxing and why choose the sport?

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring. But don’t be scared, you will probably not have to punch someone or get hit if you choose to box for fitness.

Since some Victoria Secret Models such as Adriana Lima released some boxing workouts through social media, boxing training has been a massive trend among women. Boxing for fitness has become so popular because it provides the most efficient workouts and challenges you both psychologically and physically. Boxing does not only help to strengthen and tone your muscles, but it also improves your mood greatly. So, if you are not yet into boxing, here are some reasons why you need to get on board;

#1. Fat burning;

This is one of the main reasons why some women register for boxing classes. Boxing can help you achieve that, as you can burn as much as 500 calories per boxing session. High-intensity boxing training will help you burn calories even after your workouts, this is an advantage boxing has over other cardio exercises.

#2. Flat belly;

You will soon be able to wear that sexy bikini to the beach as you will be able to burn the visceral fat in your abdomen at a remarkable rate. According to some studies, anaerobic exercises are better than aerobic exercise when it comes to burning visceral fats. However, a complete boxing workout provides both exercises which produce even faster results.

#3. Healthier heart;

Boxing does not just improve your physical appearance; it also improves the strength of your heart muscles and therefore helps you live longer by keeping your heart healthier. During a good boxing workout, your muscles require more energy, which is produced from oxygen. This means that your lungs have to work more to take in more air and your heart has to pump faster to take that oxygen to your muscles. This increased heart rate makes your heart muscles stronger and reduces the risk of developing heart conditions such as strokes and heart attacks.

#4. Reduced stress;

In as much as boxing is an exceptional physical activity which can help you maintain your fitness, boxing also has mental benefits. Punching stuff can make you feel really good! Boxing provides a safe and controlled environment for releasing daily stress. Constant exercise also causes our body to release biological chemicals called endorphins, which helps you feel happier after a workout.

#5. Improved Muscular Endurance;

Boxing requires a continuous contraction of your muscles, causing them to fatigue at some point. With regular training, your muscles can develop more endurance and keep contracting for longer periods without getting tired, permitting you to train harder for longer durations and ultimately burn more fats.

Why you need to register for our boxing classes;

If you have already made your mind about getting into boxing, then the next important step you need to make is choosing the right boxing trainer which is just what we offer at our boxing classes. In fact, having a good boxing trainer is so important that most professional fighters have teams of trainers, each coach taking care of a particular aspect relating to boxing. Here are some other benefits you will acquire if you enroll into our program;

–           We provide free trial classes and affordable prices.

–           We have very experienced boxing trainers: we provide highly experienced boxing trainers for women. Training experience is important because you need to trust your coach knows what he is doing, and their experience will automatically make you feel at ease during training sessions

–           Flexible schedules: having a job should no longer be an excuse for not exercising as you can set any time for your training with our boxing trainers.

–           Professionalism: our classes offer highly professional boxing trainers who will be able to interact with you both respectfully and amicably, so as to make the training sessions comfortable enough for you.

– Highly equipped boxing gyms, with all the boxing materials you need at your disposal.

These are the amazing services we offer to people who register for our program.

Contact us

You are not too far from hitting your fitness targets and having the body you have always dreamed about, call us now and we will make your dreams come true. You can also contact us for more inquiries or if you have any questions.

Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in Crouch End

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Women have been seen getting into the sport of boxing now more than ever. Boxing training in women is a big investment in both your health and well-being. At Crouch End, we have all the latest gyms and fitness equipments that offer extensive programs of group exercise classes as well as one to one training. If you live in Crouch End and thinking of working out with a boxing trainer, we have the Centric 3 tribes, Hitgirl Crouch End studio, Park Road Leisure Center where you can work out. Hiring a boxing trainer is best for you and Crouch End has it all.

Advantages of joining our boxing training classes

Weight misfortune boxing is one exercise you can would on the off chance that you like to consume fat and get in shape quicker. Female boxers noticed that getting in shape is one of the key reasons when they settled on a choice to join a boxing class.

#1. Boxing improves your over-all fitness regimen whether you are training to battle or just to box as an exercise, your fitness level is the most vital.

#2. Joining a training class gives you the opportunity to socialize with others particularly for female amateurs. This will empower them to work harder as a group. Socializing is fun and constantly encourages and supports club bonding.

#3. Boxing is a full body exercise so when you toss punches, you get your muscles contracted at the same time. This will permit the heart and lungs work additional to direct blood to the whole body. It is vital for all boxers to be in a decent cardiovascular condition.

#4. Gets you fit and in shape. Female boxers are in a portion of the best state of any competitors. They have a lean and are unbelievably solid, all around adapted and dependably fit an always in a good shape.

#5. Boxing helps you learn the procedure one can just take in all the boxing systems just with a boxing mentor. Using the right technique can help you achieve a lot including decreasing muscle fat, increase cardiovascular persistence and discharge strain and create quality and body shape.

How we can help

Our boxing classes are fun and amazing. Trainers at Crouch End have all it takes to turn you into a great female boxers. Classes are interesting at the same time fun as you get to learn a lot along the way. Try our boxing classes and see the differences.

Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in Dalston

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Boxing is a great exercise. In Dalston we have several places for boxing classes like Moreno boxing Dalston, the boxing academy, Islington boxing club, East boxing club and lots more. Gone are the days were boxing was unladylike and was left for the men. Today women box as much as men do.

Benefits of boxing for women

#1. Before child birth. Boxing can get you a flat stomach, removes stretch marks and cellulite by burning the fat under your skin, increases circulation making your skin glow better and making you look younger. Boxing makes you stronger and teaches you how to defend yourself.

#2. After child birth. Boxing is the best exercise after child birth. It firms the breast that may be sagging from age, pregnancy or lactation. It does this by increasing the muscle mass holding the breast thereby raising them up. Boxing is the exercise for achieving a flat stomach. The throwing of punches and positioning of the legs tones every muscle of the body.

#3. Boxing enhances cardiovascular health by placing stress on the lungs and heart to increase their physiologic adaptation. In simple terms it makes the heart muscle stronger.

#4. Boxing is fun with a variety of exercises like jump rope, double end bagging, sparring and lots more.

#5. Women who are involved in various competitions like sprinting, high jump, lawn tennis, hockey etc, profit from boxing as it increases endurance capacity.

Why you should book boxing classes with us

#1. We train you for both boxing fights and boxing exercise.
#2. Our locations have the best equipment, few members per classes to enable us to work with you better.
#3. We can fit into your schedule.
#4. You can book a one-on-one class with our trainers.

How to book boxing classes in Dalston

It is simply and easy. You just fill out the form below or call us on our line or contact us via WhatsApp to book your boxing classes today. We help you find a boxing training class that is right for you. We have free consultation where you can meet our trainers and let them know how best to help. If you can’t go to them we can come to you to save you time. You can book our classes with our personal trainers to suit your convenience. We work with the best. We also have tremendous bonus packages that come with registering with us.

We look forward to working with you.