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Book Swimming Classes for Children in Hammersmith

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Book Swimming Classes For Children In Hammersmith

Swimming is an amazing leisure activity that many people in London take part in. Apart of being fun, swimming is also healthy, and a life-saving skill every child should possess. Children who live near rivers in particular, like in Hammersmith, should learn how to swim from an early age. Although there has been relatively low incidence of drowning in the River Thames, the few unfortunate cases that occurred over the years should serve as a lesson that we must never take anything for granted. Besides, it is every parent’s dream to see their children grow up and explore the world. For that reason, you never know where your child would find him/herself, and should give therefore prepare them as best as you can.

How to find a swimming coach in Hammersmith

There are several pools in and around Hammersmith. If you reside here — or in nearby areas like Fulham, Chiswick, Kensington or Sheperd’s Bush — and you wish to enrol your child into a swimming class, you came to the right place. Our agency is located in Hammersmith, but we have established a great working relationship with swimming trainers all over west London. We work with some of the best trainers because we choose them carefully. Our swimming coaches fit the following criteria:

#1. They are certified by credible accreditation bodies in the UK

#2. They have knowledge of First Aid and CPR

#3. They love Kids and have vast experience working with them

#4. They are trustworthy and fun-loving

#5. They are water-based; they stay in the water with the kids during lessons rather than staying by the pool side yelling instructions.

Benefits of swimming to your child

Swimming, like many sports has some amazing benefits and here are a few:

#1. An excellent work out

Swimming is a perfect workout for people of all sizes. It is a low-intensity sport in that it does not exert too much stress on the body. People can swim for hours while enjoying all the benefits of exercise like burning calories and improving their cardiovascular health.

#2. School Sports

It is a fact that kids who engage in swimming do better at water-based activities than their non-swimming counterparts. They also have better teamwork abilities and better coordination.

#3. Career

Children who learn to swim from an early age have the chance to engage in swimming competitions; from school levels to national and international levels.

How to book today

To book a swimming class for your child, simply contact us through our toll-free line, WhatsApp us, or fill our form below. We offer free consultation to enable you meet some of our trainers first-hand, and let them know what your child needs. We accept children of all ages and capabilities. Whatever the case, our agents would be able to help you find a suitable arrangement for your child. You have nothing to lose by calling us, so why think twice?

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