Book Boxing Classes For Women

Book Boxing Training Classes for Women in Edmonton

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Edmonton is a section or an area of the London Borough of Enfield, situated at 8.6 miles or 13.8 km from Charing Cross. It has a population of 96,493 people and operates the dual postcodes N9 and 18. These are for Lower and Upper Edmonton, or the south and north respectively. It is neighboring Chingford and Ponders End to the east and north accordingly, Totten ham lie in its south while Bush Hill Park, Winchmore and Palmers Green are bordered at the west. Edmonton has several industries and numerous parks, gardens and green spaces. There are many places of interest, particularly of historic nature and design. Ermine Street is one of these, being formerly an ancient Roman highway linking the towns London and York during Roman Britain ages. Church Streets Lambs Cottage is another, once home to writers ,Charles and Mary Lamb.

If you live in this beautiful area and want to engage yourself in physical exercises and sports for health, fitness or fun, we are the right people to contact. We range from;

  • Running sports centers, gyms and studios and their proper and effective maintenance to
    Connecting the beautiful customers with our trainers.
  • These functions and the appropriation of charges, training new and aspiring instructors in diverse fields of the academic field are some of the amazing services we render to the residents, tourists or visitors in the area. Call and inquire, may be boxing training classes for women, and we will connect you right away.

Our classes and sessions:

  • They are most suited to your schedule and details pertaining to location either at the work place or home.
  • They will be conducted at your own time and convenience thus preventing collision with other private or social engagements and commitments.
  • They are authored at your pace and level of energy and fitness.
  • Sessions are held at our centers or another location altogether, based on your preference.
  • You get to choose whether to join team classes or do the partaking on individual basis.
  • Hope into our numerous centers across Edmonton, in prominent buildings, popular parks and gardens to major streets. Enroll and be sure to benefit through.

The benefits of boxing:

Boxing assures confidence, helps to burn calories and ensures cardiovascular fitness.
You will learn the art of self-defense, respect for peers and opponents, thus gaining self-control and restrain.
Moreover, you will have fun.
You can join our free trial sessions. Amazing, isn’t it? We equally conduct boxing training classes for men. The icing is it’s all very cost effective.

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